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How to put a plastic window

How to put a plastic window

Almost every apartment repair is accompanied by replacement of old windows with new ones.

Some people believe that to establish plastic window itself - an impossible task, so deal only professionals can with it. However, it is not.

On the window installation by a professional it takes 2-4 hours. Beginners will take twice as many.

The main thing is to know the theoretical basis and have a minimum set of tools.

Plastic windows are verypopular, but their installation is almost half the total cost. Cheaper all installation work to take on to the same plastic windows installation process simple, but requires accuracy and precision calculations. The savings on the installation of the money is better spent on the acquisition of high-quality window profile eksprof.

Preparatory work

The list of tools that will be needed: tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, foam assembly complete with a foam gun, knife of stationery, pencil, set of hexagons, silicone white scrap.

So, the first thing to be done - it isorder window profile exprof correct size. But you need to take measurements of the window opening. Its contours are measured plumb and level. The width is defined by the bottom and the height - on both sides.

If you plan to install a window sill with a window, to determine the height of it is also necessary to take into account.

With regard to non-standard windows form, their measurements are made much more difficult. For example, the arched windows are measured every 100 mm from the edge. Likewise calculated and bending radius.

Features plastic window installation

The procedure for installing plastic windows is carried out in several stages:

- To start the dismantling of the old windows is made,which must be carefully removed from the hinges. To do this, the entire thickness of the old frame is propyl hacksaw, and then she poddevat scrap and completely removed from the window opening. Also with the help of old scrap is removed podokonnik-
- After opening is thoroughly cleaned of debris and made it a pencil notation for later krepleniya-
- The next step is carried out installation of the fasteners to the frame. For this purpose, the attachment points to the opening of the new window using the gun drilled otverstiya-
- By means of fasteners attached to the window pre-prepared hole in the opening, and then adjusted by hexagons.

How exactly window is set in the horizontal and vertical plane is determined by the level of a construction.

- All the cracks are sealed with foam.

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