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How to put plastic windows


How to put plastic windows</a>

Almost every apartment renovation is accompanied by the replacement of old windows with new ones.

There is an opinion that installing a plastic window yourself is an impossible task, therefore only professionals can cope with it. However, it is not.

It takes 2-4 hours to install the window from a professional. The beginner will leave twice as many.

The main thing is to know the theoretical bases and to have a minimum set of tools.

Plastic windows are greatPopularity, but their installation is almost half the total cost. It's cheaper to take on all the installation work, besides, the process of installing plastic windows is simple, but requiring accuracy and accuracy of calculations. The money saved on installation is better spent for acquisition of a qualitative window profile экспроф.

Preparatory work

The list of tools that will be needed: tape measure, puncher, screwdriver, mounting foam complete with foam gun, office knife, pencil, hexagon set, silicone white, scrap.

So, the first thing you need to do isOrder a window from the exprof profile of the correct size. But for this it is necessary to make measurements of the window opening. Its contours are measured by the plumb and level. The width is determined by the bottom part of the window, and the height is on both sides.

If you plan to install a window sill along with a window, then it is also necessary to take it into account to determine its height.

As for windows of non-standard shape, their measurements are much more difficult to produce. For example, arched windows are measured every 100 millimeters from the edge. The radius of bending is calculated in the same way.

Features of installing a plastic window

The procedure for installing a plastic window is carried out in several stages:

- to begin with, the old window is dismantled,Which must be carefully removed from the hinges. For this, the whole frame thickness is cut with a hacksaw, after which it is pushed with a crowbar and completely extracted from the window opening. Also, with the scrap, the old window sill-
- after that the hole is thoroughly cleaned of debris and on it pencil marks are made for the subsequent fastening-
- The next step is the installation of fasteners to the frame. To do this, in the places where the new window is fastened to the opening with a perforator,
- with the help of fasteners, the window is fixed in pre-prepared holes in the opening, after which it is adjusted by means of hexahedrons.

How exactly the window is set in the horizontal and vertical plane is determined using the building level.

- All cracks are fixed with mounting foam.

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