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How to put a patch


How to put a patch</a>

To always have a modernSoftware, you need to be able to put a patch, or in other words, update the program. There is nothing complicated in this, although novice PC users can get confused.

So, how to put the patch, read on.



Check if auto is onPatcha. On many programs it is. The point is that the program, with each your access to the Internet, communicates with the manufacturer's website to determine if there are any updates of its current version at the moment. Further, if there are such, the program notifies you about it and offers download Patch. After downloading it, you can easilyInstall. At the end of the installation process, the program will ask you about the ability to reboot now. After the reboot, you will already be a full user of the updated version of the program.


Download the installer to install Patch. Most often this method is used forUpdate computer games to update some local part of them and in general. The size of the installer, as a rule, is in the range from 2 to 150 mb, so when downloading problems should not arise. Patches of this type are local or common. Local increase the version of the program by 1 level, due to the improvement of some its separate component. Ie, if before the update the version of your program was 1.0, then after 1.1. As for the general PatchHer, then after installing them the version of the program with 1.0 turns into 1.8. After the installer is downloaded, install it on your personal computer and restart it. After reboot, the program will be updated.


Remove the self-made versions to install Patch Official manufacturer. This is necessary so that there are no application conflicts or for the correct operation of the installed update. If you ignore this point, then after installing over old ones PatchHer new, the program may just not work. Therefore, either through the standard installation / removal of programs, or with the help of some additional utility, delete the old ones Patchand. After that, install the new version and restart the computer.

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