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How to put the patch

How to put the patch

To always have on hand a modernthe software must be able to put a patch, or in other words, to update the program. Nothing complicated about it, even novice PC users can get confused.

So, how to put a patch, read on.



Check whether the auto function is enabledpatcha. In many programs, it is. It lies in the fact that the program each time you log into the web site associated with the manufacturer to determine whether there are currently any updates its current version. Further, if any, the program notifies you about it and offers to download patch. After downloading it, you can without problemsinstall. At the end of the installation process, the program will ask you to reboot right now. After the reboot, you will have a full user-updated version of the program.


Download the installer to put patch. Most often, this method is used forupdating of computer games, to update any of the local part and the whole. Size installer usually ranges from 2 to 150 mbar, so there should be no problems when downloading. Patches of this type'm local or general. The local version of the program increases by 1 level, by improving some of its individual components. That is, if an update to the version of your program was 1.0, the following will be 1.1. With regard to general patchher, then after installation the program version 1.0 to 1.8 turns. Once the installer is downloaded, install it on your personal computer and then restart it. After rebooting, the program will be updated.


Remove improvised version to install patch the official manufacturer. This is necessary in order to avoid potential conflicts or application to work correctly installed updates. If you ignore this point, after you install over the old patchs new program may simply not work. Therefore, either through the standard Add / Remove Programs, or by using any extra tools, remove the old patchand. After that, install the new version, and then restart the computer.

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