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How to put a password on children

How to put a password on children

There are two basic ways to lock access to your computer.

One of them is using the operating system security policy - in this case the password will be requested after the operating system, when a user logs into his "account".

Another method is tied to the BIOS - the firmware set, placed in a chip on the motherboard, and provides an initial review and the initiation of a computer system when it is turned to the network.



Click win key or click on the "Start" button. If you have not changed the default appearance of the main menu, then in its title will be present avatar and username - click on the avatar, to open the "User Accounts". In the window that opens, click on "Home" to go to the main window of the OS component. If you have turned on the "classic" look of the main menu, then in the same window can be accessed by selecting the item in the "Control Panel" menu and clicking on the link "User Accounts".


Select at the bottom of this window to your account and go to "Create a password" link on the next screen. You will be offered a form in which it is necessary to double-enter passwordAs well as a phrase that can serve as a hint in case you forget it password. By filling out the form, click "Create password".


There is another way to authenticate who is not tied to the operating system. When used password will be requested by another computer is turned on stage, before entering the OS. To establish such a password you need to enter in the settings panel changesBIOS (Basic Input / Output System - «Basic Input / Output System"). To do this, initiate a reboot of the operating system, and when the work is completed the OS and BIOS starts your computer devices test procedure, wait until the LED will flash on the keyboard and press the Delete key. Most often it is used to enter the BIOS settings, but there are other options - for example, function keys f1, f2, f10, esc key, the combination ctrl + alt, ctrl + alt + esc, ctrl + alt + ins.


Select BIOS Setting Password and press Enter. Then type password in the box that appears, and then press Enter again. BIOS will require to confirm inputted password - Press Enter again. Then select Save and Exit Setup, to save the settings in the BIOS changes and initiate a new start of the computer. In other versions of the password setting option can be placed in the Advanced BIOS Features and Security

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