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How to put the needle

How to put the needle

Acupuncture - a popular method of non-traditionalmedicine, which is used for various purposes. acupuncture treatment used in acupuncture, dermatology, for the restoration of the head and neck muscles.

Today is very popular, and acupuncture for weight loss, actively practiced various medical centers.

To perform this procedure, you need to know at least two things: how to put the needle and which active points can be stimulated.



Needles can buy in a medical store ordrugstore and do it yourself. For the manufacture of needles, you will need wire Nichrome (an alloy of chromium and nickel). Such a wire is used in various technical elements. Ordinary scissors, cut a piece of wire 10 mm long. Try to cut at an angle of 45 degrees or even more acute. On one end of the braid with tweezers ring, and on the other side of the free end of the leave about 3-4 mm. Your needle is ready. Before you start working with the needle, be sure to disinfect it with alcohol.


In the case of acupuncture in the ears beforethe procedure, rinse with hot water and soap. Pay special attention to places where the needles are placed. After that, wipe the ear with alcohol, take a pair of tweezers and a needle slowly, in small jerks enter it in a certain point. Needle point the almost parallel to the skin, a very acute angle.


Take your time, and then the procedure will be absolutelypainless. If the patient still experienced considerable pain, at this time, leave the needle and move to the next. After 2-3 minutes, go back to the needle and try to bring it deeper.


The question is, how deep the needle to enter. Do not exceed the limit of 4 mm - this is the maximum. Depth is not critical, it all depends on the purpose of the procedure and the desired result at the end of it.


At the end of the procedure cut from the patch,desirable flesh-colored, small pieces (about 7x7 mm) and seal all the needles. The procedure is finished, we can only wait for the result. The needles are usually left on for 2 minutes. Then peel off the patch and remove all needles. Be sure to dispose of them, they can only be disposable. If one of the needles brings a lot of pain, remove it ahead of time.

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