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How to put baby to sleep

Good sleep for children - is a measure of sanity, memory, attention and development as a whole, so sleep in the upbringing of the child is very important.

If the baby does not go to bed on time or missed sleeplunch - it's sure to affect his health. It can be either too emotional, sluggish, or vice versa, that prevents the normal development of the organism.

Therefore, parents are required to teach a child of their children to the regime.

If it is daytime sleep - turn down all the loud noises, ask your child to read a story or watch a cartoon, it is usually their lulls.
Night sleep - two hours can be done with the Bathrooms procedures soothing herbs that relax the child, and it will be more inclined to go to sleep.
It is necessary to make sure that nothing disturbs the baby: no pain, comfortable bed, not too tight clothes.
In any case it is impossible to use force in orderthe child went to bed, and before going to bed can not play in a highly mobile games. As the child falls asleep, so he will sleep. If the baby fell asleep excited or following a tantrum, he will not have time to enter into a deep stage of sleep, which leads to disruption of the psyche. Also do not forget to ventilate the room before going to bed, where he sleeps. Teach to sleep in the dark, with no light fixtures that will protect you from future problems.
A good way to put your baby - make himcompany. Take time to be with child. Sit or lie down next to the baby. When he calmed down, it feels comfortable, get used to the silence, wish him sweet dreams and leave the bedroom.

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