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How to put the baby to sleep. 4 Simple Rules


How to put the baby to sleep. 4 Simple Rules</a>

Strong, healthy and calm sleep of the child is the basis of correct emotional, mental and physical development. And also a pledge of a good mood of parents.

If you stick to these simple but effective rules, you will greatly facilitate the transition from wakefulness to sleep and simplify life for yourself.

1 rule. It is necessary to establish a constant early time of going to bed.

A child jumping around the apartment at 11 pmAn overworked child. His nervous system was overexcited because his parents did not put him to bed a half to two hours ago. If you put your child too late, then his overworked nervous system will be more difficult to adjust to sleep. Sleep will last longer. And a restless sleep with awakenings is possible. And if you put the baby to bed at the same time, then the child's body will feel tired by the time you begin preparing for bed, the child will "ripen" for sleep at the time you set.

The same applies to daytime sleep. The baby will be easier to fall asleep if there is a schedule, and a clear time of a quiet hour.

2 rule. Compliance with the regime of the day.

A dream is only one episode of a day in the life of a child(More precisely two - day and night). But it is influenced by a lot of events and factors that are neighboring with time. Active games, food, classes should alternate at about the same time. If you establish a competent daily routine, you greatly simplify your child's sleep process.

3 rule. Create a "ritual" of going to sleep.

Ritual - only sounds threatening. Think 3-4 simple steps that precede bedding. They must be repeated every day. For example, reading a book - brushing your teeth - turning off the light in the aquarium - a pot - bed. Or a bath - a pajama - a pot - a fairy tale or a lullaby in bed. The earlier you create your ritual (you can start at 3 months of age), the sooner this scheme begins to work. At first it's like a barely noticeable path in more often, but you walk on it every day, unchanged. And after a while it will turn into a pathetic road, along which the child easily gets to a sweet dream. And also the ritual is a wonderful opportunity to talk with the baby, discuss the events that happened during the day, and tell the kid about plans for tomorrow.

4. The child must go to bed already sleepy, but not yet asleep.

Teach your baby to fall asleep by yourself. Children under 2 years old often wake up between the phases of sleep. So the kid, who knows how to fall asleep himself in the evening, simply turns over to another barrel, and the one who has got used to fall asleep in the hands of his mother, and will call his mother. It's not necessary to say that this is not good for a child or for a mother.

How to put a child to bed is not a difficult question. Parents only require consistency. Children quickly get used to any changes. Be consistent and affectionate.

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