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HOW pull wall

How to pull off the wall

In the process of repair of one of the processes of surface preparation for installation of a decorative coating is its alignment. What matters is what kind of coverage you will be using.

If this will be the wallpaper, you can align and plasterboard, but if you are going to paint the wall or laying the tiles, then there could not do without the tie - aligning wall plasters.



Prior to laying the screed carefully inspect andprostuchite surface of the walls - it is necessary to check for irregularities and possible cracks. At detection of cracks better fight off the plaster begins to crumble. Carefully prime the surface of the wall binders, in order to provide a better bunch with a coupler.


The wall may have irregular bumps ordepression, differences can reach several centimeters. Therefore, in order to avoid incorrect alignment of the surface-to-face pre-install beacons. In the upper corner of the room type in a nail, hang him on the sinker thread (must be a bit not reach floor level). In the bottom corner of the wall opposite the thread plumb hammer another nail. Repeat this operation in every corner of the room.


Tension between the nails thread so that the thread is turned crosswise.


Beacon Create line using a flat stick, set between two nails on each side of the walls, then trowel fill the empty space between the stick and the wall.


After drying, check with a spirit level. Previously primed surface, align the filler (we recommend to use ready-made mixture of cement and gypsum).


SHpatlevku put into a shallow tray and usingtrowel applied to the surface of the wall. In order to make the process of filling untimely drying out, cover it with a damp cloth part. Each smear putty leveling up to the maximum of a thin layer. Each new layer necessarily dried, grind sandpaper and soil.

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