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How to steal a wall


How to steal a wall</a>

During the repair process, one of the surface preparation processes for the installation of any decorative coating is its alignment. The value has only what kind of coverage you will use.

If it is wallpaper, then you can even out the plasterboard, but if you are going to paint a wall or lay a tile, then you can not do without a screed - leveling the walls with stucco mixes.



Before laying the screed, carefully inspect andTap the surface of the walls - check for irregularities and possible cracks. When detecting cracks, it is better to repel the plaster starting to fall off. Thoroughly primitate the surface of the wall with astringent materials, in order to provide a better bond with the screed.


The wall may have uneven knolls orHollows, drops can reach a few centimeters. Therefore, in order to avoid incorrect alignment of the surface on the eye, preset the beacons. In the upper corner of the room, hammer a nail, hang a weight on it (it should not reach the floor level a little). In the lower corner of the wall opposite the thread on the plumb-in, whip another nail. Repeat this operation in every corner of the room.


Pull the threads between the nails so that the thread turns crosswise.


Create a beacon line with a flat stick installed between the two nails on each side of the walls, then fill the gap between the stick and the wall with a spatula.


After drying, check with a level. The previously primed surface should be leveled with putty (we recommend using ready-made cement and gypsum mixtures).


Put the putty into a shallow tray and usePut the spatula on the wall surface. In order for the putty not to dry out during the work, cover it with a damp cloth. Each smear putty level to the maximum thin layer. Each new layer must be dried, sanded and primed.

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