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How to pull the tick of a cat

How to remove a tick from a cat

Cats with access to the street, often bring on themselves the tick and often has the stuck.

With the animal should immediately remove the parasite at home or take the cat to a veterinary clinic. It is no secret that the clamp - carriers of encephalitis and animals can they get sick, as well as people.

If you decide to remove the tick, follow the general guidelines, be extremely careful and attentive.

You will need

  • - Thick nitka-
  • - butter-
  • - latex gloves.



Wear rubber gloves, or you canill in direct contact with ticks. Then take the car, sunflower or olive oil and apply it on the skin of the animal, where the mite stared. A few minutes later the parasite will have nothing to breathe, and he begins to slacken.

the cat


Wrap a thick thread around the insect itselfhead and start rocking it slightly. When you feel that the tick smoothly reeling from side to side, slowly pull the thread. You can get the insect and the usual tweezers, grasping it tightly.

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After the successful completion of an important businesstreat the bite with iodine or strong alcohol. Observe the behavior of the cat: if you notice that the animal is not feeling well, as soon as possible show it to the veterinarian. Better yet, turn on the tick test that will reveal whether the insect carrier of a dangerous disease or not.

how to get ticks from the cat with ears


The animals also give an injection of immunoglobulin, so if you can pay for the drug, do not give up its introduction. The dose of drug required will cost you an animal is not very expensive.

tick the cat

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