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How to String Strings on an Acoustic Guitar


How to String Strings on an Acoustic Guitar</a>

The need to stretch new acoustic strings on an acoustic guitar occurs infrequently.

As a rule, this happens if one of them is torn or the strings stand on the guitar long enough.

You can replace them with new ones.

You will need

  • Guitar, a new set of strings, a stringing machine, wire cutters.



Decide what kind of strings you need. For classical guitars, nylon strings are used, for all others - metal strings. The pegs of the classical guitar are made of plastic, steel strings can damage them. When choosing both metal and nylon strings, it is better to consult the seller. The choice will depend on the thickness of the strings, the material of the braid, the manufacturer and the price. Thick strings are stronger, they sound louder, especially when using a mediator, but when playing them, you need to exert more effort.


Strings need to be removed from the package and startPass into the stand of the bottom of the guitar. With metal strings there will be no problems, but to fix the nylon ones, you have to try a little. Such a string must first be threaded into the hole in the stand, and then wrap around the long end and fill the tip between the string and the stand. Now the free end of the string needs to be threaded into the hole in the ring so that the palm of the hand passes between the neck and the string.


For metal and nylon strings, the procedureIs the same. Gradually pull the string, turning the peg. Better string tension in pairs: the first-sixth, second-fifth, third-fourth. When strings are tight, tune the guitar with a tuner or by ear. Now the dangling ends of the strings must be carefully cut with wire cutters.


To facilitate the string stretching processThere are special machines that spin a peg. There are both simple cheap models, and expensive devices with a motor and nippers for strings. The presence of even the most simple machine will greatly facilitate your life and save time.

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