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Crossbar pulls growth

A child on the bar

Horizontal bar or crossbar - sports equipment, which helps to tone all the muscles of the body.

Is it possible to use them to increase the growth of the child or adult, and that this should be done?

It is believed that hover on the bar helps to increase growth. Is it so? Is it distracting his height to try to correct this injustice in this way? Let's find out.

Do crossbar grow help?

Stoop and scoliosis does not make a person taller and slimmer. There are 2 types of physical activities that help to "pull" the spine and correct your posture. This swimming and exercises on the horizontal bar.
It is known that the spine can be stretched in two positions: horizontal, lying on a flat surface and in vertical, hanging on the crossbar.

Measuring growth is best in the morning, after sleeping. Usually the difference between morning and evening measurements is 1-2 cm.

During this period there is no load on the vertebrae, and the spine as it is stretched.
Hanging on the bar not necessary to performany exercises. Suffice it to cling to the bar and relax back. In such a situation it is necessary to hold for 2-3 minutes, take a break and move to the second approach.
Daily hanging on the bar can be pulledspine 2 cm or more, respectively, and increased height. This applies not only to children and adolescents. An adult can also grow in this way, by balancing posture.

Exercises for growth on the horizontal bar

For a more substantial increase in growthadolescence is not enough conventional hovering on the crossbar. It is necessary to complicate the exercise and to eat certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Man grows up to 17-22 years, depending on the gender and genetic features.

Growth stops after the disappearance of human germ zones. Learn, have the ability to grow or not, you can make an X-ray of the spine. If the zones are active, then it makes sense to train.

Adds exercise gradually. Davis begin with conventional, approach 2 day 3 min. Simultaneously smooth turns can add body to the left and right, 15 times on each side.
When the hands are used to, and you can hang freely5-10 minutes in one go, start to perform pull-ups. Add climbs bent or straightened legs. To swing left / right and forward / backward.
After a while, when the muscles of the backstrengthened, it will be possible to attach the feet of small loads, weights, over time, increasing their mass. Pull the spine can not just hanging in the traditional position, and being upside down. To perform this exercise legs fixed with a special belt, run time should not exceed 15 seconds.
Those who wish to grow up to remember the main thing:
•; Training should be regular, at least 3 times a week
•; Start with 2-3 sets of 3 minutes, with the addition of exercises during training should be increased to 30 minutes
•; With horizontal bar can not jump! After stretching should descend gently
•; Combine exercise with a proper diet, rich in vitamins and minerals
•; Before training can make an easy warm-up, in the form of jogging, then a small hitch - stretching exercises all muscle groups
•; It is necessary to give up all bad habits: nicotine, alcohol and drugs, they slow down growth.

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