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How to publish your own book


How to publish your own book</a>

The dream of holding a book in the hands of which you are one person is quite feasible.

And it's not just about the case when you write a story on a beautiful paper, and then you illustrate it yourself, make out a single copy and bind it or sell it to a good person.

Today you can publish your own book for everyone.



It is important to understand two fundamentally different points. You can publish the book at the expense of the publisher or pay for the circulation yourself (publish for the sponsor's money).


In the case of a paper version, the publisher onlyThen he will invest in you when he is sure that there is a prospect after the book is released into the world to sell it. If you have already successfully produced, there should not be any problems with this. If you publish for the first time, you must have talent. And there must also be a person who can appreciate it. It remains for you to choose a publishing house that you like, or who will believe in you.


Modern development of technology offers the authorAn additional chance in the publication is the release of an electronic book. In this issue the position of publishers is different, but the essence is as follows. You must have a ready printed product. Publishers of this type on the site publish a list of topics for which you can take. One can suggest one's own theme, but it is necessary that it be of practical importance for the future reader. For example, "How to plunge into an ice hole in Epiphany" or "How to assemble a tractor".


Create The book. It should be full, competently and interestingly written, otherwise it will refuse to publish. Register on the website of the e-books publisher and send them an application. If The book Will agree to publish, you, as a rule, will not have to pay for circulation. Will only wait for the fees (do not forget to make a contract!)


If you are not a professional author and do not intend to make a living by issuing books, you can always publish it at your expense using the usual paper method even with a copy of 1 copy.


Decide on the goals of the book and yourBudget. Their integration will help you specify the necessary options for printing a book. The parameters include: the format and circulation (the number of copies) of the book, as well as the method, quality and color of the printing (offset printing or risography).


Write the text of the book in the Word editor (or give the manuscript to do it for you). Then you can give The book For checking the corrector, the editor, andOrder illustrations (this depends on the purpose of the publication and your budget). Then the implementer, who in a special computer program places the text and illustrations and sends the file to the printing house for printing, takes up the work.

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