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How to publish your own book

How to publish your own book

The dream to hold in the hands of the book, which the author and you - one person, it is quite feasible.

It's not just about when you're writing a story on a beautiful paper, and then do it illyustriruete, issued in hardcover only copy and sell or give to a good man.

Today publish your own book is possible for everyone.



It is important to understand two fundamentally different moment. The book can be published by the publishing house or to pay for circulation (to issue money sponsor).


In the case of paper publishing only oneif you invest in the money when it is sure that there is a prospect after the release of the book published to sell it. If you have already successfully produced, problems with it should not be. If you are publishing for the first time, you must have talent. And people should be able to evaluate it. You need to choose a publishing house that you like, or who will believe in you.


The modern development of technology offers the authoran extra chance in the publication - is the release of the e-book. In this matter the position of publishers are different, but the gist is as follows. You have to be ready to print product. In publishing this type on the site published a list of topics for which you can take. You can offer your topic, but you need to have a practical significance for the future of the reader. For example, "How to plunge into the hole in Baptism" or "How to build a tractor."


Create book. It should be complete, well-written and interesting, otherwise it will refuse to publish. Sign up for online publishing of electronic books and send them a request. If book agree to publish, you usually do not have to pay for copies. There will be only glad to honorariums (be sure to write a contract!)


If you - not a professional writer, and do not intend to make a living the release of books, it is always possible to publish at your expense customary manner, even when the paper circulation in one instance.


Decide on the book release and your goalsbudget. Their integration will help to set the required parameters of the book printing. The parameters include: the size and circulation (number of copies) of the book, as well as the way, the quality and color printing (offset printing or risography).


Write text books in Word (or give the manuscript to do it for you). Then you can give book to check the proofreader, editor, andbook illustrations (depending on the edition of the goals and your budget). Then the cause is taken coder, which is a special computer program places the text and illustrations, and transmits the file to the printer for printing.

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