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How do I publish my book

A good book is both entertains and educates the reader

Book stores are now filled with publications of different genres and formats.

Books written stars and politicians.

But do not give in to the feeling that in the world there is no room for another new book. Who knows, maybe it is you - the future creator of fascinating bestseller?

After all, publishers are interested in search of authors who will sell well.



Prepare your book to be sent to the publisher. You will not have another chance to make a first impression on the editors and publishers. Therefore, pre-make proofreading text. If you are not 100% confident in their literacy, ask someone from relatives or friends to edit your book. You can also pay a professional proofreader, so he brought the text to perfection.

Note that in publishing the huge flow of manuscripts comes daily. Your book has to stand out among others. To submit a book to the publisher, you need to make a synopsis and summary.
Synopsis - a brief content of the work,set out on pages 1-2. It should contain all the main events set out succinctly and clearly. Compose your synopsis so that it is clear who is the hero of the book, in any circumstances, events unfold.
Write a brief summary, specifying in it, thatdo you think the most striking and the most important thing in my book. The abstract should awaken interest in the text, create the desire to read the book. The abstract should contain a hint or indication of the intrigue of your work.


Make a template letter to send topublishers. The vast majority of modern publishers takes into consideration the manuscript by e-mail. Therefore there is no need to mess around with paper manuscripts and mail or courier shipments. In a letter to justify his appeal to the publisher.
Tell us why, in your opinion, the manuscriptIt may be required by readers. Highlight the main idea of ​​the book, its main advantages. Next, select a genre in which it is written work, its volume.

If you previously had any publication(Published short stories, newspaper articles, publications in online competitions), please indicate this in the letter. Also provide brief information about yourself:. Age, education, occupation, etc. The letter, attach a synopsis, summary and text of the work.
Write out for yourself publishing addresseslisted on their official websites. Send out your book on all available addresses. Lock, in which the publishing house and when you send the book. This information is useful to you in the future.


Do not wait until the editors of publishing houses willreply to your emails. Of course, some of the editors see fit to inform the author of its verdict. But in your best interest to contact the publishers themselves. Call the publisher, call them my name, then specify if they received your manuscript. It is possible that you have already sent the manuscript for non-existent address, or your letter got lost in the flow of spam, or is engaged in the direction you want another editor. Pray let you e-mail an employee who is responsible for working with manuscripts related to your genre.
Also asked his name and workphone number. After that, re-submit a letter for the updated address. Always make sure that the desired received text editor manuscript. Ask the editor when it is best to contact to find out the verdict.


Once you have sent the manuscript to alleditors of interest to you, make sure that the editors received them, wait for the agreed time. Then ring up all the editors. Specify whether or not they are interested in the manuscript. In the case of strong interest editor can himself contact you, without having to wait for your call. If you are interested in your book, do not rush to accept the first offer. First, make sure that this proposal - only. If your interested in the manuscript several publishers, ask them to announce the publication of the conditions. Ask them to send you the author's agreement. Carefully read the proposed contract. You need to be clear, the book will be released in what form, what will be your fee, the terms on which you sell the publishing rights to the manuscript. Having studied the proposals, settle for something that satisfies you on all counts.

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