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How to publish your magazine


How to publish your magazine</a>

The publication of the journal is, on the one hand, a rather complicated process, requiring knowledge of many nuances and subtleties, but on the other hand it is exactly the same business as any other.

A lot of people became famous and achieved success in the publishing business.



First of all, it is necessary to decide on the topicYour magazine, circulation, periodicity, the number of headings and pages. It is also necessary to decide whether your publication will be advertising or informational. In the second case, the volume of advertising in it can not exceed 40%. If you do not want to register as a mass media, then keep in mind that you will have to limit not more than 1000 copies of the circulation and refuse to sell the magazine through the retail network. However, if registration does not frighten you, then you need to prepare an application for registration of the media, pay the fee and apply to Roskomnadzor. In addition, registration as an entrepreneur is required.


After obtaining all the permits and certificates,You can proceed with the formation of the wording. You will need an editor, photographer, journalists, designer-layout maker, advertising agents, accountant. Design the layout of the first issue of the magazine, select the relevant topics. Ideally, your advertising service should already ensure the filling of advertising space to the first issue, because advertising is the main source of income for a printed publication.


Also you need to find a printing house, which willPrint your journal, consider the delivery and distribution system. In addition, you will need a financial plan, a schedule for issuing numbers with sample topics, standard contracts for advertising. Decide whether you will use only your own articles or reprint the texts from the Internet.


To make your magazine successful, you need not onlyFill it with interesting texts and photos, but also tell it to potential readers. To do this, it will be necessary to conduct an advertising campaign using outdoor advertising, contests with prizes, publication of coupon codes.


Even if the first issue of the magazine did not attractEnough attention for an instant increase in circulation, do not get discouraged. The growth of circulation is a rather long process, which will occur gradually. It may be necessary to revise the distribution scheme, reduce the retail price, work on topics or conduct an additional advertising campaign.

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