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How to publish a website


How to publish a website</a>

Great joy brings the user the moment when the site is completed.

Weeks, or even months, gone for training, training, layout and filling the site were not in vain.

Now your site flaunts on the local server and waits for the next step.

This step consists in publishing your creation on the Internet.



For this you need only two things. This is a domain name and hosting for placing a site on the Internet. A domain name is an address that your site will have. When you enter a domain name in the address bar of the browser will open your site. This name is unique. It will determine and find your site on the Internet. Therefore, try to make it reflect the essence of your site and be memorable.


To purchase a domain, you need to enterThe corresponding request to the search engine. You will find a large number of organizations that offer these services. Prices, respectively, are also different. Do not rush to the first site to register. Select several links and, according to them, determine if these companies are suitable for you. You can find forums that are devoted to choosing a domain on the network. After that, proceed to register the domain name. After registration and payment within two to three days, the domain will be registered.


We proceed to the choice of hosting. When you select it, you need to operate with the previous recommendation, but there are also a few nuances here. The main parameter of the hosting site and the difference in tariffs for the service is to allocate space for your site. The more space you need, the more you will have to pay for it. Also, note that hosting supports scripts that are installed on your site. PHP and MySQL support is required, especially if your site is on the engine. Having chosen the appropriate tariff and the term of use, we proceed to registration on the site of the hoster and purchase of a place for the site. After that, we bind your domain to hosting. In the personal cabinet, which will be created for you when registering on a hosting site, this option is present. After that, upload the site files to the hosting.


It is worth paying attention to the fact that many hostingCompanies provide the domain for free. To do this, you usually need to pay for the use of services for a certain period. Basically, payment is required for one year.

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