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How to publish a website

How to publish your site

It brings great joy to the user when the site is completed.

Weeks, if not months, gone to training, education, layout and content of the site were not in vain.

Now your site is emblazoned on the local server and waits for the next step.

This step is the publication of your creation on the Internet.



To do this you need two things. This domain name and hosting for a site on the Internet. Under the domain name implies address that will have your site. When you type a domain name in the browser address bar will open your site. This name is unique. He will be to identify and find your site on the Internet. So try to reflect the essence of your site, and it was memorable.


To purchase a domain you need to enterappropriate request to the search engine. You will find a large number of companies that offer these services. Prices, respectively, are also different. Do not rush to the first available site for registration. Select a few links, and after walking on them, determine whether these companies are suitable for you. You can find forums that are dedicated to the selection of a domain on the network. Then proceed to the registration of a domain name. After registration and payment within two-three days, the domain will be registered.


Getting the hosting choice. When it is selected to operate on the previous recommendation, but there are also some nuances. The main parameter of hosting platforms and difference in tariffs for the service is the allocation of space for your website. The more space you have, the more you have to pay for it. Also pay attention to the fact that the hosting support scripts that are installed on your site. Support for PHP and MySQL is required, especially if your website is on the engine. By selecting the appropriate rate and the term of use, proceed to the registration on the website hosting and the purchase of space for the site. After that do bind to your domain hosting. The personal account that will be created for you when you register for a hosting site, such option is available. Then upload files to the hosting site.


It is worth paying attention to the fact that many hostingcompanies provide free domain. This is usually required to pay user fees for the period. Basically, you want to pay for one year.

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