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Psychology of color, or how to paint your apartment

Psychology of color or paint your apartment

Scientists have long been proven that the color and mind are interconnected.

The color of every room is very important, because It affects the mood and feeling.

Tsvetopsikhologii accessible to everyone.

Everyone can make their lives brighter and effectively by surrounding yourself with the right colors.



Red is the color of passion, he is able tospur ambitions. It increases physical activity, stimulating activity. The red color of the kitchen will help you to quickly wake up in the morning and plan your day more effectively.


Blue - the color of sky and sea. For this reason, blue and blue hues associated with rest and relaxation. These colors are appropriate in the bedroom or bathroom.


Yellow - the color of happiness. He shows energetic people. But if you're an introvert, do not use it in its interior - it does not give you the ability to concentrate. If you are an extrovert, then yellow hues will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.


Orange color evokes positive emotions, increases productivity, gives confidence and promotes communication.


White space gives a sense of fullness. It helps to develop creativity. It is the color of people who know how to dream.


Purple closest to our innermost. He develops curiosity, makes us think about life.


Green the most desirable in every cornerapartment. It helps vosstanavit strength after a hard day. It increases mental abilities, reduces stress and depressive mood. Green tones help to assess the natural beauty of the surrounding life.

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