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Psychological test irritability

Psychological test irritability

It irritates you the once beloved wife or husband? Or on site neighbor or a crowd of people on the street or a crush on the bus, but you silently accumulate a negative emotion?

Or do you think that person is necessary to pull up when he goes beyond?

Psychological test irritability will help determine whether you have iron nerves.

If you irritated in any of the abovefollowing situations, the overcharge yourself 3 points. If any of these circumstances, annoying only occasionally, then add 1 point for each such circumstance. If something of the above cases, non-irritating, then no points are awarded for such a case.

1; Someone coughs in your face, not behind her.
2.; interlocutor is close to you, such as a crowded bus.
3; someone bites his nails.
4.; you gave a completely unnecessary thing.
5, Someone I love is always late.
6.; Woman in years dressed as a young girl.
7., sitting in front of you the audience in the cinema and then turns and says the film's plot.
8; The caller frantically gesturing and trying to grab you by the button or sleeve.
9.; you played the friends or relatives.
10; you tell Detective final, you just started to read or watch.
11. I will come home, where at this time there is no one, discover that you forgot the keys.
12; Advertising interrupted a movie that you look at the most exciting moment.
13., On a hot day you have to satisfy the thirst warm water.
14; you have filed salty food.
15; you sprayed a passing car.
16, your colleague is too often uses foreign (funny, slang) words.
17, you have to search long for the right thing.
18; Someone tore out the page of the newspaper article, you would certainly read it.

Count the points. So, the result of a psychological test for irritability:

46 points or more. You have complete intolerance of others and misses categorical rejection of all that is contrary to your views, manners, habits. Of course, our reality often causes discontent and irritation. But the factory for any occasion - our own peril. In the end, you are destroying their nervous system, and this will be worse to you and your loved ones.

45-35 points. Intolerance - one of the features of your character, but it manifests itself in a rather discreet manner. You do not raise a stink on any occasion. Do you think that you can always take a diplomatic move. For example, if you do not like the expression, tone of familiarity interlocutor, you under the pretext interrupt the conversation. But if someone takes you to all the correctness of the border, then you're talking about this publicly and quite categorically.

34-20 points. It irritates you and cause rejection of boorish behavior. You know how to say this openly, but do not make of human imperfection universal drama. You know that an explosion of emotions is still not re ignorant, it is extremely difficult to instill good manners and tact adult - this needs to be addressed as early as kindergarten. You do not turn the other cheek when slapped and be able to fend for themselves.

And less than 19 points. You - a man with nerves of steel, and you should envy or extremely calm and phlegmatic man and do not know how to react to all sorts of excesses. The main thing to the casual observer your position is not developed into a category of complete indifference, indifference to everything and everyone.

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