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Provence style in the interior

Provence style in the interior

Provence style appeared in France more than a hundred years ago. This is one of the trends of country style.

And the name he received from the French province of Provence - the birthplace of fragrant lavender.

Therefore one of the main features of this style are the floral motifs and lavender color.

Light colors, beige, cream, white characterize the style of Provence. For the walls only natural materials are used: plain or textured plaster, stonework, wood.

On the floor lay the treated wooden planks, antique terracotta tiles and warm beige shades. And no linoleum, laminate or carpet.

The ceiling is painted white. Sometimes it is decorated with exposed beams, painted in a contrasting dark brown or white and in color.

White and colored wooden doors and window frames. This window is divided into several sections. If possible, set the window to the floor, that is, French window.

Furniture, wooden or wrought, and lightshades, covered with cracks and scratches, with the effect of antiquity. No wardrobes should not be. Only tables, chests of drawers, cupboards or small enclosures. All the furniture is on high legs, some pieces of furniture can be braided.

With regard to textiles, it should also benatural: cotton, linen, cotton. The pattern on the tissues most flowers, stripes and cells much less frequently. Shades of lavender, blue, lilac, pink. The interior can be diluted with crochet lace napkins, covers for cushions, etc.

Rooms are decorated with vases with flowers, they are usuallylots of. On the walls hang small paintings in bright part of simple scenes: landscapes, animals and plants image. The shelves and drawers are ceramic figurines, clay vases, pictures in wooden frames, candles.

Of course, it is difficult in modern homesand expensive to create an interior in the style of Provence. But you can decorate your home with some items and items that are associated with the nature, the sun, flowers, a piece of France under the name of Provence.

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