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How to prove that you are not to blame for the accident

How to prove that you are not to blame for the accident

Owning a car is difficult to surprise anyone.

The machine has many, but not all are well aware of the traffic rules and observe the speed limit. All this often leads to an accident.

If you firmly believe in his innocence, gather evidence of "hot pursuit".



The main thing is that before the arrival of traffic police all the evidence of the accident remained intact. Also, no harm will find direct witnesses an accident and get their support.


The main piece of evidence can become a vehicle stopping distances. Location of the accident should protect. Do not miss out on this one area. Otherwise, the braking distance can be trampled.


Where it is crumbling dirt from the car, which had gathered under her wings, and there is a collision point.


Where the machines are located after the pin isend-point position of the car. Often the perpetrators are trying to change that. Prevent this you can hardly, but should attract the attention of the witnesses is necessary.


The optimal situation would be to take a picturemachines after the accident, to fix the damage. You can do this with your mobile phone. You are photos of great help later during the proceedings in court if it comes to that.

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