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How to protect yourself from gossip and intrigue?

How to protect yourself from gossip and intrigue?

Any of us ever faced with gossip and intrigue. Usually, rumors arise where there is envy.

And the intrigue where there is something to make money: the post, someone else's "half", a source of financing ...

How to neutralize the mischief and stop the gossip?



Gossip, rumors and intrigue, when faced foreheadsbest friends, exemplary spouse, personality and team ... Gossip appear for various reasons - either there is a reason, violated ethical social and moral norms, or people just envy, as an outstanding personality, which provokes irritation in unconscious people less interesting and significant.
Succumbing to emotions, falling into the trap,placed cunning schemers, slandered, people fall under the wheels of the ruthless mechanisms of life. Split families and groups, collapsing the years created a career, and the fruits of years of labor reaping others - those who stepped over his own conscience and went through another's destinies. How to recognize gossip and scheming?


Gossips love to wash up bones behind. Listening to questionable rumors and discussions in a negative light representing other people, you should know that once you leave the room - and you discuss in the same way. Cackler love mold labels. not bothering to arguments that they say.
There gossip, gossip that simply byboredom and for fun. And there are those who pursue a malicious intent - for some of their own selfish purposes want quarrel of all against all, to restore the people against each other, tend to get some benefit, for example, to denigrate others, to rise against this background and maybe take a high position or take away someone else's husband or wife, etc. This is the worst kind of gossip -.. schemers.
Negative characteristics without argument -the first identification sign of gossip. Sometimes gossips distort the facts, interpret them, attributing minor circumstance global negative sense. Here you have to be doubly careful: you are faced with intriguing.
Despite the fact that gossip, in general,pretty vile thing, gossips and schemers have self confidence demeanor, ostentatious indifference to your life, willingness to help and give advice in any situation. The "situation" to delve into gossip love! Moreover, they have a real talent to get into the soul and swarm there of the kind, they say, meaning.


How to protect yourself from gossip and intrigue?
If you see that a person is prone to gossip -Try less frank with him .. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend - gossip, observe it and do not give them too much information about yourself and about other people. Do not take part in the discussion of other people's eyes. Even if your words are quite harmless - their perekoverkayut, distort and give them a sense that you do not invest. The best way to prevent any attempt at you, "bones wash up" to others. If you dare not say directly that you nasty gossip, refer to the lack of free time, or that you are not interested. Ideally, try not to communicate with people, and if there is a forced contact - do not say a word about the personal!
What if you are the victim of gossip and intrigue?
If you do not care what people say about you - thatsilence is golden. Do not make excuses, do not prove otherwise! In any case, it will be just words, but the situation will still be ugly, and the surrounding no-no, and think: there is no smoke without fire ... Therefore it is better - to act: to immediately find out who is spreading rumors, strictly require the gossip to stop talking behind my back, and the more effective it will be if the request to stop the gossip will be announced publicly by you - if your foe is demoralized.
Even worse, when the gossip is alsoschemer. For example, it slanders you, "the second half," Chief ... In this case, it makes sense to conduct a "confrontation." Of course, if you believe in their own infallibility.


The most reliable protection against gossip is allStill, careful in dealing with people, and crystal integrity. If you are not an angel, but defiantly bright, or clever, or good-looking, or rich, or successful in love, or just something very different - be prepared for what you will be discussing over the eyes.
Do not be afraid to put intriguing and envious atplace, with the help of the powerful arguments dispelling rumors, like a bad dream. Cackler afraid of strong and courageous people who are not afraid of the truth about yourself. They themselves can not stand it when they are taken to clean water. So that the conflict in this situation is not terrible, and even appropriate. In any case, you save yourself from bad company.

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