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How to protect your skin in winter

How to protect your skin in winter

Often, with the onset of winter, the skin loses moisture.

Wind and frost on the street, the lack of moisture in the apartment and the office associated with the heating system may lead to the fact that the skin becomes dry and starts to peel off even.

What to do in such cases?

Try often to ventilate the apartment, use a humidifier. If you do not, you can wet a sheet or a large piece of cloth and put on the battery, as wetting drying.
Do not wash too often, if conditionswork permit. Take a warm shower with a moisturizing gel, or use a very mild soap. It is not necessary after taking a shower towel dry, it is better to put on wet skin oil for the kids, or a moisturizer, and then leave until completely absorbed. Remember that after applying the cream skin remains moist longer than after the use of body lotion.
Grease hand cream after each wash, evenif you were working in rubber gloves. The cream should be fatter than the one you use in the summer. Going out into the street, apply the cream to the face and hygienic lipstick on her lips. Do not wear things barbed wool and rough fabrics, because they can irritate the skin.
Remember that snow is able to reflect up to 80%sunlight. In the mountains at high altitudes increases the risk of burns, so if you are traveling in the mountains, use sunscreen with an SPF of not less 30.Zanimayas mountain sports, always wear a face mask or special glasses, because they protect against chapping and frostbite.

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