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How to protect your money

How to protect your money

No one is immune from the loss of their savings.

Permanent inflation is eating up reserves, interest on deposits do not cover the losses. And not every bank is now possible to invest the earned money.

Ever happen any trouble, the crisis suddenlyI ran, the unexpected situation caught off guard and had to shell out a large sum. People all the time afraid of fraud with plastic cards.

As a result, I have to live with the fear that the money may be lost.

You will need

  • The money in the national currency, gold, bank.



Many people all the time thinking about how to better manage their savings, time is coming and money impaired. The national currency is not accepted, we save money, they are usually converted into dollars or euros. And rightly so, the currency has been steadily increasing in price. But she is not the case, it is not used, and it does not bring profit. Why not buy a property? Let it be a small flat in a good area, it is always possible to rent. You can put money on deposit in the bank, which has won the trust of its stability. For now, there are deposit guarantee funds, so that even if the bank that something happens, money They are not going anywhere. The Foundation, in any case return the savings.


In recent years, the price of gold is constantly rising, but its growth ahead of inflation. However, gold is always possible to convert into cash money. For bank customers, it is in coins andbullion. Ingots are usually higher sample, but the coins are easier to sell. Each year, the price of gold rises by about 40%, so the savings to invest in the purchase of its more profitable than in foreign currency.


All received their wages, socialbenefits and pensions via bank cards, most uses internet banking. Banks are afraid of possible fraudulent transactions, there are rumors that money disappear from the accounts. Basically, all these data are greatly embellished. Money can not disappear anywhere, if the card is in your wallet, the PIN numbers in his head, and the card attached to the mobile phone number. PIN does not even know the bank, using a mobile phone supported by each transaction. disappear money Only because of the disorderly relation to the storage and use of plastic card. Do not inform anyone of its number and PIN code, you can not give passwords from online banking.

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