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How to protect your honor


Boldly defend your honest name</a>

"Ah, evil tongues are more terrible than a pistol!"If you happen to experience the truth of the statement of the classic, you know how difficult it is to restore a reputation after the heavy accusations that affect your honor.

How can I punish the abusers and regain an honest name?



Do not try to call to account your enemies,Publicizing their past sins. By acting in this way, you will deserve the reputation of a squabbler. It is better to consider what you did not please your persecutors. The reasons for their discontent will dictate your further actions.


Well analyze, to whom and for what purpose it was necessaryYou defame. If you are a victim of intrigues at work, as a result of which your competence was questioned, or if you were deprived of a position, act immediately. Do not wait until unjust libel will spoil your reputation definitively.


Address to the higher authorities, having rejectedAny sentiment. Explain that they were the victim of persecution, intrigues of envious persons, but they did not cease to be an excellent specialist. Ask to give you a chance to restore the honest name of a professional. If the work in the former team is impossible, ask for a transfer to the branch. Be persistent, but calm. Hysterical tone in such situations can ruin everything.


Be ready for an official check. If necessary, initiate it. When it comes, for example, about the charge of embezzling a large sum, do not in any way agree that you can not take rubbish out of the hut, and you'd better quietly quit. Let the scandal be grandiose. Publicity will help you attract to your side those who were in a similar situation, the advice of such people will come in handy, especially if you are in isolation.


Convincing someone in their rightness, present facts. Collect all the possible information in your defense, state it clearly and clearly. Hand wringing with cries of "I'm an honest man" leave for the theatrical stage. No matter how hurt you are, do not let emotion take over.


Believe that justice will necessarily triumph. You will be able to defend your honor, and it is unlikely that anyone in the future will want to offend you again. You just will not let it.

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