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How to protect the dog from ticks

How to protect the dog from ticks

Mites are carriers of tick-borne encephalitis and piroplasmosis.

If the first disease represents a serious danger to the person, then the latter can undermine the dog's health and even lead to her death.

That's why with the gathering of the first snow is necessary to protect your pet from these parasites in all possible ways.



Use the special tools designedto protect dogs from ticks: drops, sprays and collars. Drops are applied to the animal's withers and differ from the more concentrated sprays, the active substance per unit volume. As a rule, they are used on dogs with very thick hair. Sprays are sprayed on the animal's wool against its growth well, and put collars on specified in the instruction period.

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In recent times we have proved themselvesdrops and collars "Bars" and Russian-made "Advantix», Kiltix collar sprays Bolfo. In addition, experienced breeders recommend to use for protection against ticks drug "Neostomazan". The vial should be diluted in the last liter of water, pour into a spray bottle and use as a spray. They also can be treated with the grass on the site.

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When using funds from ticks necessarilyfollow the enclosed instructions. Excess droplets or spray volume may adversely affect animal health, and reduction - lead to a tick bite. Bathe your pet can be a minimum of 3 days prior to treatment and only 3 thereafter. After spray application the first few hours of the dog in any case should not be given to lick himself.

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Correctly combine protection against ticks. There are several opinions about the possibility of using several means. Some do not recommend doing this, fearing for the health of the liver of the animal, while others believe that the only way to protect it from tick bites. Best option - to combine the above-described chemical means of protection from biological agents that were created on the basis of vegetable oils, which can not stand the smell of mites. The latter include collars and sprays Green Fort.

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Carefully inspect for the presence of a petticks after each outing, not only in the forest, but also in the yard. Remember that no one remedy does not provide 100% protection against ticks, so each time proveryaytesherst carefully about pet skin.

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If you find a tick on the fur, be sure toremove it and burn. If the tick has stuck, unscrew it counterclockwise with tweezers and treat the bite with an antiseptic. It is very important to get it to the head of the parasite. Then carefully watch the dog for a couple of weeks. With increasing temperature, lethargy, vomiting or lack of appetite in your pet immediately seek the help of your veterinarian, as these symptoms may be indicative of piroplasmosis disease.

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