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How to protect your car

How to protect your car

Better safe than sorry, and it refers to the car. The carelessness of the owner in terms of security and safety of the machine can lead to tragic consequences.

After all, stealing mainly those machines that are easy to open.



No security system can not guarantee 100%security against theft. But the more security is on the car, the more likely that will not want to communicate with your machine. Any well-posed security system will give you the time. In rare cases, the hijackers will be removed from the machine, mechanical locks, if more than one, turn off the alarm and immobilizer. After all, it takes time, and they need to discover and make car a couple of minutes.


Some owners themselves "give" their hijackerscars that are left overnight on the street or in a garage or unguarded shell. Last even easier for thieves - can be shut down in the garage, the siren can not be heard, and you can slowly turn off any alarms and locks. And some owners of vehicles do not put cars on guard when it is in the garage, citing the fact that the garage lock yet to open. And he opened an elementary or pressed leaf doors.


should be put to maximum protection against theft atthe car is not only signaling, but also mechanical locks and sekretki. The alarm is better to choose an LCD display, feedback and a large range of the transmitted signal. The system should have an interactive code that is harder to scan.


Mechanical locks installed on the boxtransmission (automatic transmission only, on the "mechanics" there is no sense in this castle), the steering shaft, the hood. Hood lock does not give the possibility to open it when the siren sounds. To disable it is necessary only to remove the plug from the accumulator. Therefore, the siren is better to establish autonomous. And most importantly - do not be lazy all the locks to close, even if out of the car for 5 minutes.


In the city there is always a place where there is a greaterall hijackings. Popular shopping malls, on which you can walk for hours. When these centers are always huge parking, both open and covered. Covered parking equipped with CCTV. To put the car on a parking lot is better closer to the entrance, where the place more lively. This means that more witnesses. But covered parking is worse than taking a signal from the alarm. There are times when these are the hijackers and establish so-called "jammers". It suppresses the signal, and you can not even open and start the car. Some owners in this case, leave the parking lot, going after the other remote control. Namely, it is calculated by criminals. In such cases, or push the vehicle to an open space, or do not go out of the car until the signal appears.

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