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How to protect your apartment from the sun

Protection from the sun apartments

Options for protection from the sun's rays the market offers enough to choose a suitable case.

From thorough protection shutters house windows with automatic device for turning the solar disk to light blinds of different permeability.

Or conventional fabric curtains, even it's not so easy with them.

For example, the curtains "blekaut" will make room in the twilight, when the sun shines brightly.

Blinds and shutters

There are more than a dozen varieties of blindsand roller blinds on materials (wood, metal, fabric and others.), construction (panel, roll, PLIC), the presence of a remote control (shutters). Ideal for shading of windows in private homes and the first floors of high-rise buildings.
The main advantage lies in the dispersionsunlight, the ability to reduce the air temperature in the room. The amount of light in the room can be adjusted slat angle depending on the intensity of sunlight. Manually or remotely - depending on the chosen design shutters. Closed position slats completely ceases to access light in the room. Slats Perforated not impede airflow.
The second advantage is the ability toshutters and blinds do not collect dust and easy cleaning as required. A third advantage of blinds installed on the outside of the window is a security feature. Rolling shutters can protect space and impede access to the windows from the street.


Made of opaque,reflective and light-scattering materials. Impregnated with anti-dust compounds. By design distinguish the blinds open and closed types. Open the curtains feel secured with cloth shaft, raise and lower the chain mechanism. Equipped with a beam for tensioning the canvas. Blinds closed type (cassette) are provided with box and guides.

For shading wooden windows, made "antique", ideal blinds and heat protection spray.

There are several types of tissues in the blinds.
- Transparent fabric to disperse sunlight complement curtains and gardiny-
- Dim-out, semi-transparent, they reflect the heat, partially dissipate solar luchi-
- Black-out, multi-layered opaque fabric, they completely cover the strong flow of sunlight, ideal for baby when the baby sleeps, for bedrooms, home kinoteatrov-
- "Day-night" in rolling shutters uses a special fabric, which alternate opaque to sunlight and transparent stripes, offset adjustment is carried out with respect to each other's bands.

Heat protective spray and window tinting

An excellent method of protection from the sun withoutlimited review of the windows of the house. When installing large window units, providing a beautiful view of the forest, the mountain or the lake, the best option would be spraying Heat protective glasses. Comfort provides reliable protection from the sun in summer and from the bright glare of the snow in the winter. This review is fully preserved. Suitable Heat protective coating, if the apartment is in a high-rise with a view of the south side.
A more democratic option isheat protection film. It is designed to protect against infrared rays and prevents heat rooms in the summer, keeping the lighting at the same level. This is a good option for those who like bright sunny rooms. To realize this idea is very simple, just stick to a clean glass film. mirror imaging film version will solve two problems simultaneously. Protect from excess heat in summer and from the prying eyes of the house opposite, or lovers to look into other people's windows.

Thermally protective film protect against fragments, if the glass breaks. The film will not scatter the fragments throughout the room.

If necessary thermofilter spraying methodon glass can be used for protection against overheating of machinery. It looks good car with tinted windows, covered with heat protection film. In addition to the beauty you get protection from the sun's rays in the cabin, the need for continuous operation the air conditioner is reduced.


It really is the easiest way to hidefrom exposure to direct sunlight, but its effectiveness is negligible. Hang curtains on windows easily. Choose curtains can be for everyone. Besides shading curtains traditionally provide additional comfort in the room. For the bedroom, you can use a more dense curtain fabrics. Or curtains blackout fabric (Black-out). It has the opacity and delay entry into a warm room.
However, blackout fabric has a few drawbacks. It is almost completely covers the access of light in the room, and the fabric is strongly attracts dust particles. Hanging these curtains, you will be in the shade, but with artificial lighting.

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