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How to protect your apartment from theft

How to protect your apartment from theft

Each of us has a place where we feel good and relaxed, a place where we always want to go back, a place where we feel safe - this is our home.

House at everyone: someone is a room in a hostel, and someone has a private mansion or luxury apartment in a prestigious building.

But will our home really safe, depends only on us.

In order to avoid falling victim to the thief and guard against burglary, should be carried out a number of rules.



If you have lost the key to his apartment, he ordisappeared under mysterious circumstances, be sure to change the lock. Also, the lock should be changed, if you have moved into a new apartment or settled in rental housing. In these cases there is a high probability that a duplicate key to the apartment may fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.


If the front door in your apartment is old and unreliable, try to replace it with a new one. Thus it is better, if the door is double: the first door is metal, and the other wood.


Never leave the front door open,when you leave the apartment, even if you leave for a short while. Do not leave the door open, and if you or someone in your family is in the apartment.


Never open the door to the apartment, if the site is foreign or unfamiliar to you people, especially when he was drunk.


Do not leave the keys to his apartment unfamiliar people. Do not give the keys to the apartments to friends and colleagues for "romantic" meetings.


Always, before you open the door, look ineye, and not open to outsiders. If a police officer who came represented, community services officer or social welfare services, require the production of documents or call in this organization, ask if they have any such employee.


Explain to the children that in the absence of parents no one opened the door and did not let strangers into the apartment.


On leaving the apartment, do not leave open balcony, windows and vents, even if the apartment located on a pretty high floor.


Before leaving on vacation or a business trip, leave the keys only to close relatives or trusted, familiar neighbors.


If you sold a big thing, or goingmake an expensive purchase, do not tell all your relatives, friends and even more unfamiliar people. Some of these individuals may be intentionally or accidentally give a "tip" to criminals.


Do not store at home large amounts of cash withoutleave money and valuables in visible places. Do not hide money or jewels in caskets, in tea and dinner sets, documents, between the sheets, under the mattress, under carpets - to thieves will glance first.


If your home is "full cup", you live in prosperityand good financial position is clearly noticeable to others, it is not necessary to enter criminals "into temptation", it makes sense to take care of the installation of security and fire or "panic" alarms. Sometimes one just kind of set alarm discourages criminals willing to risk freedom.

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