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How to protect yourself from manipulation


How to protect yourself from manipulation</a>

Manipulation is most often hidden.

It's not so easy to find.

However, if you managed to catch a man on the fact that he is trying to control you, and turn around and leave there is no possibility, try to stop his efforts.



Learn the principles of manipulation. If you are aware of the techniques and motives of hidden influence, it will be easier for you to resist them.


Try to control your emotions and feelings. Manipulation is held by them. Think soberly and rationally. Evaluate the situation from the outside. Thus, you will deprive the manipulator of his main weapon, your emotions.


Know how to say no. There is nothing to deny if you have already made a decision. Be more determined! Nothing to feel guilty about. This is expected of you.


Never mind. Prevent all attempts to impose a conversation on you. Do not be afraid to appear impolite, because in this situation, the one who is trying to control you is not good.


Change the state of affairs. Usually the manipulator does not approach its victim without a plan. He already has a schedule with you from A to Z. Break his idyll. Conduct the conversation as you like, and what you need. Your unpredictability will break it down.


Confess that you understand his intentions. Attack directly can take him by surprise. Lost, he for a while, or even for good, will give up on you.


Make the manipulator justify itself. Point him in his place, force him to take an exculpatory position. If he starts to defend himself, he will not be able to attack. But be just and strict in moderation, so as not to make enemies.


Attack with retaliatory manipulation. Respond to enemy offers with your own terms. Just make sure that he does not understand what is open, otherwise the method will not have an effect.


Think for yourself! Do not take opinions from outside. Calmly think it over for yourself and come to a decision. The main thing - do not forget that they want to influence you and your thoughts.


Fight the manipulator. Hover the nebula on your decision so that he does not know what to expect. At the manipulator respond with capacious phrases. Repeat them whenever you feel that you are being squeezed. Do not doubt whether your rights are violated.


Infinitely specify. You will get the manipulator's embarrassment and time to come to the senses.

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