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How to protect yourself from manipulation

How to protect yourself from manipulation

Manipulation is often hidden.

Its not so easy to detect.

However, if you manage to catch the person in that he is trying to control you, and turn around and leave no way to try to stop his efforts.



Learn the principles of manipulation. If you are aware of the methods and motives of the hidden influence, it will be easier to resist them.


Try to control your emotions and feelings. Manipulation stick to them. Think clearly and rationally. Assess the situation from the outside. So you deprive the manipulator of his main weapons, your emotions.


Learn to say "no." There is nothing wrong in failure, if you have already decided. Be firm! There is nothing to feel guilty. That's up to you and wait.


Never mind. To discourage all attempts to force you to talk. Do not be afraid to be rude, because in this situation goes bad whoever is trying to control you.


Change the situation. Usually the manipulator is not suitable to the victim without a plan. He already painted chat with you from A to Z. Break his idyll. Keep the conversation as you are comfortable and that you want. Your unpredictability smash it into smithereens.


Admit that to understand his intentions. Attack directly can catch him off guard. I lost it for a while, or even permanently, departing from you.


Make excuses manipulator. Enter it in its place, forcing to take a position that justifies. If he starts to defend himself, he will not be able to attack. But be fair and rigorous to the extent not to make enemies.


Attack response manipulation. On the opponent's proposal meets its conditions. Just be careful that he does not understand what is disclosed, otherwise the method will have no effect.


Think for yourself! Do not take the opinions from the outside. Calmly think things through for themselves and come to a decision. The main thing - do not forget that you want to influence your thoughts.


Durite manipulator. Place your nebula your decision, so that he did not know what to expect. On attack manipulator answer succinct phrases. Repeat them every time when you feel that you are attacking. Doubt is not violated if your rights.


Infinitely specify. You get confused manipulator and time to come to his senses.

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