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How to protect the strawberries from the rot?

How to protect the strawberries from the rot?

With annoyance growers perceive the loss of crops.

And if it is ... strawberries - it is almost a tragedy. So much work, time, effort spent for the sake of "fluffy" fungus.

Plants are powerless against botrytis in cool wet summer.

Gray mold can "swallow" up to 80% of the harvest of strawberries.

Gray mold - The fungus that attacks all the plant strawberries. On the leaves are formed dark gray spots, flower stalks and stalks turn brown and rot. On berries appear moist spots, they are increasing day by day and delaying fruit gray fuzz. Fluffy plaque - a fungal spores. Even with a light touch, spores fly around, spreading the pathogenic infection further. Berries become tasteless, flabby, watery.

To gather a good harvest, even in the rainy wet summer, you need to take care of the beloved culture beforehand.

  • Planted strawberry varieties resistant to diseases, especially to botrytis.
  • Not thickening their landing.
  • Plant bushes of strawberries on a well-lit and ventilated beds.
  • Spring remove, burn dry dead leaves.
  • Do not make excessive doses of organic and nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Loose soil, keep the beds clean of weeds, without parasites.
  • During the budding process is permissible plant fungicide (follow the instructions). Do not treat strawberries during flowering.
  • Dusted shrubs and soil around the ash or hydrated lime (1st.l. in the bush). Do this, when will the ovary.
  • Use stand (they are on sale in the shops) under the flower stalks that berries are not lying on the ground. You can mulch the soil in rows with straw, sawdust, pine needles, peat.
  • After the harvest, you can again handle berry plantations fungicide.

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