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How to protect your photo


How to protect your photo</a>

Protection of personal photos is directed to the lack ofThe possibility of copying them from sites, because cases of theft of someone else's photos and the use of them for selfish or other purposes have spread. Is the most accessible and feasible way? This is the placement in your own photo of a special monogram, which consists of letters of name, surname and patronymic.

The main thing is to decorate it very competently, so that the photo looks original and not flashy, because the image itself is the subject of observation and consideration.



After determining the set of letters and the way they areWe must start work on the creation of a monogram directly. Usually, a monogram is created using an image editing program (Photoshop). The first thing you need to determine the name and size of the font, after which the selected letters turn into a layer (? Menu??? Layer??? Rasterize??? Label?).


For more convenient placement and work with lettersIt is necessary to press and hold CTRL, that will allow to freely transform any input letter or symbol. After the character set is over, you can release the key.


Further, all the layers are glued together into oneHelp icon. That is, the background layer must be turned off and the back layer turned on. Then select "edit" from the list. And? Determine the brush settings ?. A window appears in which you should specify the name of the brush at your discretion and save it using the? OK? Button.


After completion of work on the monogram,Open the desired image on which you plan to place the inscription. With the help of the palette of brushes, the brush format is changed simply enough. After that, select the color palette? -? Embossing ?, specify the desired settings and save changes. The work on the production of the monogram is completed, and the image itself is securely fixed for you.
Now, if you find your photo on a third-party resource, you have the opportunity to prove its authorship.

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