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How to protect the flash

How to protect your flash

I'm sure everyone who has a flash drive or cardmemory media questions concern security. Viruses can "pick up" almost any computer, from a friend at a party or at work, or in the printing of the tax.

They are copied to the media, change the autorun.inf file and run with your stick when you reconnect to your computer.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Administrator rights.



Format support in the NTFS file system. Learn what it is you do, and you can make the transformation in the "Disk Management" section of the operating system, "Computer Management". Under the letter carrier will indicate the type of file system. Open the medium in "My Computer" and find it an autorun.inf file. It is a system, therefore it is necessary that in the display of folders and files "My Computer" the appropriate settings have been exposed.


Edit the list of people whohave the right to access the file. Right click on it and select "Properties" and then "Security". Click the "Change" button under the list and remove all elements except your account. If your account is missing, add it. Set for a full list of permissions.


Make yourself owner of the file. To do this, click on the "Advanced" button before selecting it in the list of users to your account. Remove all entries from the "Audit" menu, uncheck the item below. Add a user "Everyone" and tweak permissions and prohibitions for him. Keep only the necessary rights - to view, read, execute files.


Barring a change autorun file.inf will not allow viruses automatically run from a USB drive and carry out their malicious function. However, this does not mean that now you do not need anti-virus and there is no need to check the media. Do not neglect security issues. It is also worth noting that for the complete safety of the information you need to create backup copies of important data. Keep them on a portable media or encrypted local disk located on a PC. You can also use special resources on the Internet to save all the important information.

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