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How to protect the environment

Keep and protect the environment - the duty of every human being.

On the issue of environmental pollution rivetedthe world's attention. There are various organizations that deal with this problem every day carried out a set of measures for the protection of nature.

However, there are some simple guidelines, observing that each person can help the environment and to contribute to solving this global problem.



Treat gently to the water, do not spill itwasted. Whenever possible, close the valve, for example, when you brush your teeth or soaping head. If resources permit, buy a dishwasher. Water consumption will be more economical immediately, which also safely and impact on your budget.


Save energy: Turn off lights and appliances when you leave the house. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving. Do not forget to pull out all kinds of battery chargers from the power socket after use, do not even connected to the instrument, they continue to consume energy.


Use eco-friendly materials. Discard the plastic bags, buy a canvas bag for trips to the store. Prefer disposable containers made of cardboard. Buy environmentally friendly products. This not only helps protect the environment, but also is beneficial to your health.


Please respect to the paper, because of itsproduction is cut down so many trees. If possible, use electronic media. Print on both sides of the paper. Carefully through unnecessary exercise books, notebooks, sheets, perhaps there still remained unfilled areas that can be reused for the record. Buy paper products from recycled materials. Waste newspapers, magazines and hand it in at collection points of waste paper, their location can be found through a variety of online resources. Help nature - plant a tree.


Always scavenge for themselves: do not throw candy wrappers, paper and other waste on the street. Teach children to protect the environment from early childhood. Going to the nature make sure that the place where you had a nice time, left clean and tidy after you leave.


Take responsibility for usedbattery. Do not dispose of them, and took them to special collection points. Batteries contain toxic metals, which, freeing the city dump, over time, into the soil, causing it enormous damage to the environment and human health. Unnecessary or broken mercury thermometers also need to take immediate recycling.


Automobile exhaust gases are veryair pollution, especially acute this problem is felt in the major metropolitan areas. Prefer walking the walk, if possible, do not use a personal car unnecessarily. Thereby you a little bit reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and walking outdoors positive impact on your health.

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