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How to protect the child from strangers

How to protect the child from strangers

Every day lost about 50 children in Russia - the statistics show. The reasons are different: often there are kidnappings, and sometimes the children themselves run off in search of adventure.

To prevent this, you can, but you need to work hard with the child.



Explain to your child that without permission he can not leave the house, school. He must warn the parents about their whereabouts.


Do not allow to talk to strangers. No matter how nice and good they may seem.


Establish a relationship of trust. Start with the fact that you will tell each other about the events of the past day. It will become a habit. The child will be to communicate and share experiences.


Stay connected. In other words, calls up periodically throughout the day.


Teach you not to hesitate in expressing emotions. When approached by strangers and offer candy, watch seals, take to my mother, even shouting. And not just "Help!" And "Fire!", "Rob!". Teach that there is no shame in anything. It is - for his own safety.

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