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How to protect the seedlings from cold

Protect seedlings from cold using arcs and film

Young seedlings can withstand cold weather. To do this, you need to harden before planting the seeds and then seedlings.

Frost will save lutrasil, newspapers, film, straw and even plastic bottles.

Ogo want to quickly planted seedlings in the ground to get the crop as soon as possible. How is a shame, when cold, frost destroyed all the work, hope for the harvest.

Hardening help resist cold

To the cold was nestrashen seedlings before plantingseeds harden. First disinfected in a light crimson solution of potassium permanganate, then washed and placed in a moist tissue on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for a day, and then - the plant.

Samu seedlings also need to temper, bringing withon April glazed balcony, where the temperature does not fall below + 8 °. Do it gradually. Please leave it there for 1, then for 2 hours, and then the whole day.
Well seasoned tomato seedlings becomes purplish hue. Seedlings cabbage becomes strong and cucumber leaves turn dark green.
That seedling will not be afraid of reducedzero temperature. If the weather forecast warns of impending late spring frosts, when the seedlings already planted to a permanent place, they must be protected.

Saving seedlings from cold

If tomatoes are planted in open ground, then overput them side by side or arc - thick sticks and throw on top lutrasil high density or film thickness of not less than 60 md. Such a shelter - a good protection for seedlings, if not below freezing -3 °. At lower temperatures the bags to roll out double layer of newspapers and cover them each tomato seedling, securing the bottom of the paper with the help of ground or rocks.
If the cold threatens potato sprouts, then tops spud, completely covered with earth. Day soil cover is removed. You can cover the landing of straw mats.
Before the onset of frost in the night all the seedlings should be well cast. Moisture evaporates, reduce the detrimental effects of cold on the seedlings.
Cabbage is a cold-resistant. If it is well watered, it can itself be protected from the cold up to 0 °. If the weather forecast is not happy and even more cooling occurs, the plantation with seedlings is covered at night with a double layer of dense lutrasila.

If there is a lot of plastic bottles, then they cut the bottom and cover of each seedling cabbage, cucumber, tomato. On the day of the lid with the bottle removed for airing seedling.

Shoots carrots, beets, parsley, dill coldnot terrible. Therefore, these crops are planted among the first. Here seedlings asters, petunias and other annual flowers may be affected by low temperatures. If they had just come out of the ground and still low, it is possible for the night to cover them with sheets of newspapers, connected by a tape.
Even if the morning after freezing the seedlings wilted and have a sad look, do not despair. They need to be watered, and many of them will raise its head again, and will gain a healthy appearance.

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