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How to protect plants from frost in spring

How to protect plants from frost in spring

Each year spring spoils gardeners good weather, and every year we see spring frosts, which cause great harm to the already established plants.

Frosts - a temperature decrease below 0 degrees.

There are several ways to protect plants from damage or destruction during this period.

Artificial misty veil

The positive role of fog in the fight against frostcomposed mainly of several factors: under the veil of fog reduced the loss by radiation heat the Earth's surface and vegetation.

Condensation of water vapor is released latent heat of vaporization. From the burning of a large amount of heat fogging substances.

Heating and air plants

Protect plants from frost is possible by increasing the ambient temperature. The combustion of dry materials - wood, peat, dead wood, twigs - a large amount of heat.

air Mixing

This method of protecting plants from frost is basedon the propeller installations, mixing the air. By rotating the blades are driven from the top down warmer air. The blades may even move around.

Plant protection means sprinkling

Plants planted near a large waterarrays, less damaged by late spring frosts. In horticultural practice can be applied watering plants before, during and after the frost. After using this method the plant less damaged or killed.

plant Shelter

Less expensive and more simple for the complexity of the way - is the creation of shelters under which a stationary warm air will be a good thermal insulator. The protective layer is thicker, the better plants.

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