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How to protect plants against frost in spring


How to protect plants against frost in spring</a>

Every year spring spoils gardeners with good weather, and every year we observe spring frosts, which cause great harm to already planted plants.

Frosts are a drop in air temperature below 0 degrees.

There are several ways to protect plants from damage or death in this period.

Artificial misty curtains

The positive role of fogs in the fight against frostsConsists mainly of several factors: under the veil of fog, losses from the radiation of heat by the earth's surface and vegetation cover are reduced.

When condensation of water vapor secretes the latent heat of vaporization. From the burning of fogging substances, a considerable amount of heat is released.

Air and plant heating

Protect plants from frosts by increasing the temperature of the surrounding air. When burning dry materials - firewood, peat, dead wood, brushwood - a large amount of heat is released.

Mixing of air

This method of protecting plants against frost is based onOn propeller installations that mix air. As the blades rotate, warmer air is chased from top to bottom. The blades can still move around in a circle.

Protection of plants by means of sprinkling

Plants planted near large waterArrays are less damaged by late spring frosts. In practice, horticulture can be used to irrigate plants before, during and after frost. After using this method, plants are less damaged or killed.

Plant cover

Less expensive and easier to work by the way - is the creation of shelters, under which warm, still air becomes a good heat insulator. The denser the protective layer, the better the plants.

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