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How to protect ICQ

How to protect your ICQ

In the modern world system, many people use Instant Messaging.

The most popular network is ICQ.

Due to this popularity also appears interested in hacking and reselling various rooms.

Many users ask questions about how to protect your ICQ number card.

Make it pretty easy, important to observe basic rules.

You will need

  • PC, Internet, Kaspersky



First of all, download the official version of ICQ 7.5, which is available online to all users for free.


Further, it is worth considering for a password. It should consist of a variety of letters, numbers, symbols. Never write it in their data, since an attacker could find information. The most optimal option is to create an eight-password.


Create your room to a special e-mail account, which in critical cases will serve you a reliable support in the recovery. You can do this on the official website ICQ.


If you go on to a computer, use the antivirus program that will protect all network traffic from a variety of threats.


And the last. Never accept unknown files on the network, as attackers ways hack any number plates. These files are automatic virus that will seek out passwords on your hard drive. In general we can say that it is not difficult to protect your ICQ number card, just need to adhere to these rules.

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