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How to protect the baby from the sun


How to protect the baby from the sun</a>

Summer time is a great time for long walks with the baby.

In summer, parents have a unique opportunity to show the child all the diversity of the world around and the brightness of his colors.

However, one should not forget that a long contact with the sun can harm a baby.

Therefore, you should walk carefully in the summer and wisely.

As a rule, in the summer, parents and childrenSeek to spend the maximum amount of time in nature. However, if the column of a street thermometer rises above the 25 degree mark, it is recommended to shorten the time spent in the air. Walking with the baby in this heat should be in the morning before 11 and in the evening after 5, in these hours the sun is less active. Since infants can not be directly under direct sunlight, it is better to walk along quiet shady streets or in a park area, away from dirty highways and hot squares. So you can not only protect the child from the sun, but also protect it from street dust and exhaust fumes.

A comfortable walk is unthinkable without comfortable clothing. The most suitable outfit for a child in the summer is a light cotton overall (you can replace it with a t-shirt and shorts) and a light bonnet made of natural cloth. If the baby is sleeping in a wheelchair during a walk, you can not wear shoes and socks. As for diapers, it is better to walk without them (it's better to take extra clothes with you) during the intense heat or use special light diapers for the summer.

A reliable protection from the sun will also ensureSpecial cosmetics. Most children's creams and UV-protection sprays are designed for children over three years old, so you need to look for funds that will suit your child by age. Many well-known manufacturers offer protective creams, allowed to use from 6 and even 3 months. In this case, the younger the child, the higher the protection factor (for babies up to a year - not less than 35 units). Before starting the use of the cream, be sure to perform a test test: apply a little remedy on the inside of the knee or elbow. If the allergy does not appear within 24 hours, the cream is safe for the baby. For daily walks, it is sufficient to treat open areas of the skin (hands, feet and face of the baby) at least 30 minutes before going to the air.

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