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How to protect cucumber against diseases

How to protect cucumber against diseases

Great harm cucumber plants, especially cultivated in greenhouses, causing disease.

Their appearance is the result of improper care of the plants and the temperature difference.

Powdery Mildew. It does more harm cucumber plants. Originally on the upper surface of the leaves, and then on the bottom there are some spots covered with a white powdery bloom, and then rise quickly wither. Development of the disease contributes to the lack of moisture.

At the first signs of plant diseaseyou need to spray the drug colloidal sulfur. Perhaps use mullein solution: 1/4 bucket fill mullein and add water, stir, strain and dilute once again doubled.

Bacteriosis. It affects shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits of cucumber. On leaves appear angular grow brown, oily stains, which later become grayish-white and dry. On fruits appear round watery spots. The fruits become distorted form and a bitter taste. Before transplanting the plants need to be made in the soil biological products, such as Trichoderma.

Cucumber mosaic. Viral disease on young leavesappear yellowish-green spots, short internodes are formed, the plants are inhibited, they turn yellow and wither. To fight is necessary to sow the seeds of 2-3-year shelf life. Disinfection of the working tool with a 5% solution of manganese.

Root rot. Before or at the time of fruiting of cucumber leaves wither at the roots of the stem yellows, cracks appear. The disease occurs when the cultivation of cucumbers after pumpkin crop, when watering with cold water.

If signs of disease on the need tothe stem down to the roots scrape the ground and treat the affected part of the stem with a solution of 1 tsp of copper sulfate, 3 tablespoons of wood ash or chalk to 0.5 liters of water. And when transplanting should not bury stems of plants, not spud.

Gray mold. The appearance on the stems osliznyayuschihsya gray spots. The disease occurs when the temperature is lowered, watering with cold water, poor ventilation, dense planting. In this case, you should stop watering for 4-5 days, ventilate the greenhouse. Seedlings treated with a solution: 1 tsp of copper sulfate and 1 cup of wood ash to sprinkle the plants with a solution of the affected place.

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