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How to protect cars

How to protect cars

To protect the car against theft - the primary task of all car owners.

But many relate to the problem of hijackings serious, considering that what is right, there is no escaping.

For those who do not want to part with his swallow, stand guard over the most advanced anti-theft systems.



To ensure maximum protection from car theft you need to put a few degrees of protection.


Start with the car alarm on the machine. Now on the market a huge range of alarm systems of various manufacturers price range from 1000 to 50 thousand rubles for a satellite alarm. The choice of alarm from the machine and the cost of its popularity among the hijackers. If the machine is expensive, it makes sense to put the alarm to the GSM- module. This alarm will produce an alert to your mobile phone with any changes in the system. Siren put autonomous - it will continue to work even if the battery is disconnected.


In addition to the alarm can be putimmobilizer. The Immobilizer System provides an additional lock, its wiring is regardless of the alarm. Immobilizer turns off automatically as soon as "seen" by the label. You also do not have nothing further to press on and off.


For additional lock can be set"Sekretki". Sekretki makes the connector in a chain starter or ignition. Can be switched off via a toggle switch or change the provisions of the special place of the magnet.


By electronic means of protection setmechanical. Mechanical locks is quite difficult to remove. In the automatic transmission can be put lock lock, which locks the lever in position R. It is installed inside the box (sometimes under the body), and it is very difficult to open.


On the steering shaft so it is possible to put the castle "Garant". This lock locks the wheel and give it a turn. The castle itself is installed at the bottom of the steering shaft.


The greater the protection to be installedcar, the longer it takes thieves to disable it all and remove. And in case of theft - time your ally. With these cars are reluctant to communicate.


Yes, of course, no alarm will not give you a 100% guarantee against theft. Save your money and your nerves will help insurance. Do not take the insurance money wasted.

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