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How to protect cabbage from cruciferous flea


Cruciferous flea</a>

Cruciferous fleas are insects of small size.

They eat with an appetite the tender flesh of the leaves of cabbage and other cruciferous plants.

As a result, the affected plant can completely die.

Fight with cruciferous flea - an important taskFor gardeners. These pests appear on cabbage and other cruciferous plants, when seedlings are still planted. They gnaw the flesh of the leaves, feeding on their juices. In order to preserve the crop of cabbage, various measures can be taken to protect these plants from cruciferous fleas.

The chemical method of struggle

This method is not very welcome gardeners,Because not all people want to use chemistry on their sites. Nevertheless, if the cabbage is severely damaged by this pest, it is recommended to use the appropriate chemical preparations. Among them, the most common are Intavir, Fufanon, Kemifos, Bancol. Plants are sprayed after the rain, if necessary, the procedure is repeated several times.

Popular methods of struggle

Probably, most often in the fight against cruciferousTobacco dust and ash are used as a flea powder. Both components can be used individually or mixed in the same proportion and powder the cabbage. From ashes prepare infusions against these pests. To control the flea, a solution of vinegar is also used. To do this, one tablespoon of acetic acid is diluted in 10 liters of water and sprayed. According to the advice of gardeners, to cope with the flea will help garlic arrows, arranged in the aisles cabbage. The pest is also helped by the blackening of plants with black pepper. All these treatments must be carried out in dry, windless weather. If there are frequent rains, then you will have to repeat the procedures.

Preventive measures

Not only does pest management helpTo cope with them. An important role in this is played by preventive measures. In the autumn, a deep digging of the soil is carried out without breaking the clods of earth, as a result of which the flea is killed by frost.

In early spring, when the first cruciferous weeds appear, they must be removed. In the compost pile the remains of cruciferous plants are not laid.

All these preventive measures and methods of struggle will help to save cabbage from annoying cruciferous fleas and to keep a decent harvest.

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