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How to protect against spam

How to protect against spam

Sometimes, after a long absence from the web, we find with displeasure that the entire email box clogged with spam.

To such trouble with you does not happen, will never forget the special prevention messages against spammers.



Be sure to create two e-mail addresses. One use for business and personal correspondence, and the second - to register on various websites and public information.


Never leave your email address in the public domain: in the comments on social networks, and other public places.


Try to be creative, coming up with a resounding name for the email account. Usually, spammers create a mailing list for the most popular and easy logins.


Never write e-mail in its purest form. For example, you can successfully enough to get rid of excess spam, replacing the @ sign on the abbreviation at.


Very often spammers hack too simpleuser passwords on their behalf and make the viral Address Book distribution. To avoid this from happening, use as much as possible more complex passwords to increase the level of protection against hacking.


After receiving promotional email, do not replyat him and not click on links contained therein. By these actions, you can trigger a new wave of spammer advertising, showing that the email address used.


Set in its box special filters automatically delete spam mailings.

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