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How to protect from the effects of

How to protect yourself from the effects of

Everyone once in my life fell intosituation when under the influence of a street vendor, a gypsy, a manager or any other person who sells any goods or services, agreed to purchase or make a deal, and then sincerely wondered why it did.

It purchased item or service does not need. The fact is that more and more marketers use in their work the influence of psychology.

And to protect themselves from their impact can be, if you know the laws under which they operate.



Protect yourself from the principle of contrasts. What is this principle? Imagine, if you type in two pails of water - one hot, the other cold and then turn lower his arm, first in hot water and then in cold, then hot water after cold seem colder than it actually is. The principle of contrast is often used in the clothing trade. If the buyer buys an expensive suit for 10,000 rubles, it is easy to persuade to buy a belt worth only 1000 rubles - for 10 times less than the cost of the suit. Widely used this principle and realtors, when a client first show 2-3 "bad" property and is clearly overpriced, and after the offer to see good options at reasonable prices. We apply this principle, and in the sale of vehicles, when the high price of the car offer for little money of different parts of the unnecessary extras.


Protect yourself from the rules of mutual exchange. In life, it is generally well known to everyone. If a person has made some kind of service, you need to give up in return. If the couple has invited someone to a party who in turn invited them to your soiree. interchange rules apply to trade. The same practice of free testing is based on the rule of mutual exchange. Consultants have a little service - offer a free sampler, but in the end the buyer feels obligated to buy something. interchange rules apply when collecting donations. A simple request for a donation will not achieve such a force, as when it is accompanied by the provision of some minor services, performance, small souvenirs from the organization, collecting money, etc.

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