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How to protect housing from gas leakage


How to protect housing from gas leakage</a>

Our accommodation should be safe, and we can take care of this ourselves, if we comply with some simple rules

Many in the house have gas: a stove in the kitchen, a column in the bathroom or a gas boiler for heating. All these devices require special handling and compliance with safety rules.

1. Beauty does not require sacrifice.

Do not close the gas equipment (pipes, faucetsAnd chimneys) with decorative walls or kitchen set. In this case, access to gas engineering is hindered, so it will be difficult to identify the cause of the gas leakage and block it.
Do not even build a chimney if you haveThere is a gas column, because the combustion temperature in the chimney can reach 600 degrees, and then the fire is imminent. So do not cover the box with a suspended ceiling.

2. Ventilation is a guarantee of safety.

As you know, household gas has no smell,So ethylmercaptan is added to it - its smell is felt even at the lowest concentrations. However, a person can not feel if the gas content is from 5 to 15%, and this can cause choking or fire. Therefore, ventilation should work fine. The hood is also a good way out. The gas is lighter than air and when leaking it quickly rises to the ceiling. If there is a gas column in the bathroom, here it is necessary to constantly check the ventilation and not put the door too tight, There are cases of gasp from gas poisoning in the bathroom. The door must open to the outside so that a person can quickly open it.

3. The gas cooker does not replace the heater

Do not heat the apartment with a gas stove. Constantly open fire is dangerous: in the air at this time, harmful to humans carbon monoxide, sulfur compounds and other by-products. If there are drafts in the house, the fire can go out and gas will start to flow into the apartment.
Do not use the gas stove as a dryer for laundry - it can catch fire.

3. Trusting Professionals

Do not install gas appliances if you do not haveSpecial knowledge. Modern gas economy is a complicated thing, and you can not twist the nut in the old fashion. A small inaccuracy - and gas will enter the apartment little by little, but constantly.
Check the service life of the product - it should beNot less than 15 years. Now quite often cheap materials for podvodki have a service life of 2 or 3 years, later they shovel and crack. And the owners do not even know it, because they did not check the certificate and did not look carefully at the documents.
To avoid this, invite a gas specialist who will check and correct everything if necessary.

In case of any malfunction of the gas equipment, you can call your gas service or call 04.

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