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How to protect a house from the gas leak

How to protect a house from the gas leak

Our accommodation should be safe, and it may well take care of ourselves, if we follow some simple rules

Many of the house has a gas: in the kitchen stove, water heater in the bathroom, or gas for heating boiler. All of these devices require special handling and compliance with safety rules.

1. Beauty requires sacrifice.

Do not close the gas equipment (pipes, valvesand chimneys) with decorative walls or kitchen set. In this case, more difficult access to gas engineering, so it is difficult to identify the cause of the gas leak and block it.
Nor should we build up the chimney, if youthere is a gas heater, because the combustion temperature of the flue pipe can reach 600 degrees, and then the fire is inevitable. So to cover the box ceiling is not necessary.

2. Ventilation - a guarantee of security.

As is known, natural gas has no odortherefore, ethyl mercaptan is added to it - the smell is felt even at very low concentrations. However, a person can not feel if the gas content of 5 to 15%, and this may cause suffocation or fire. Therefore, ventilation should work fine. Hood - is also a good way out because Gas is lighter than air and rises quickly drain the ceiling. If the bathroom geyser, here it is necessary to constantly check the ventilation and not to put too thick door, because There are cases of suffocation from gas poisoning in the bathroom. The door must necessarily open outwards, so that man could open it quickly.

3. Oven will not replace the heater

Unheated apartment gas stove, because permanently open fire dangerous: the air in the time it comes to human harmful carbon monoxide, sulfur compounds and other byproducts. If the house drafts, the fire can go out and the apartment will be supplied gas.
Do not use a gas stove for drying clothes - it can ignite.

3. Trust the professionals

Do not install gas appliances, if you do notexpertise. Modern gas economy - a complicated thing, and the old are not to twist nuts. A small discrepancy - and the gas will be delivered to the apartment slowly, but steadily.
Inspect the product life - it should beat least 15 years. Now often cheaper materials for the liner have a life span of 2 or 3 years later, they shrivel and crack. And the owners do not even know it because they do not check the certificate and did not look carefully documents.
To avoid this, invite a specialist gas service that all check and correct, if necessary.

In the event of any failure of gas equipment, you can call your gas supplier or by telephone 04.

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