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Pros and cons of touch guitars

Pros and cons of touch guitars

Touch Guitar - is a cross between a synthesizer and a conventional guitar.

From the first she took a limited set of electronic sounds, and from the second - form.

This device belongs to the category is relatively new inventions: it went on sale in 2011.

Benefits touch guitar

The first touch guitar company released misadigital instruments, and their developer became engineer Michael Misa. Over time they started experimental models were improved, so now the band can get much more convenient, reliable and functional equipment than what was proposed by the company in 2011.

It has been modified, in particular, the electronic "filling": if the first touch guitar can be compared with the antediluvian laptop, but now it's more personal midrange computer.

Each sensor has a set of guitar of hundredspre-recorded sounds. When setting up the device with a convenient and easy-to-use display, you can choose a suitable collection of sounds and create any music. This means that, having the hands of only one touch the guitar, you can play as if at your disposal a dozen of musical instruments. This gives a truly great opportunity to create and write songs.
Another important advantage is the touch guitarIt is that it is fairly easy to play. Sensitive sensors react instantly to the touch, so the melody does not get off. Furthermore, during the game the fingers much less tired than with electric or other variants of the stringed instrument. For example, to hold one note, simply press your finger on the touch sensor. At the same time due to the absence of string vibrations can achieve the maximum of clean, clear and high-quality sound. Musicians who are concerned about the level of music will appreciate this advantage.

Disadvantages touch guitar

The most important negative touch the guitar isits price: this equipment is very expensive, so in most cases it is simply not affordable to the musician. If you touch the guitar breaks, its repair have to spend a very large amount, and it will create more problems. In short, it is worth buying in the first place for professionals.

The cheapest model with a plastic housing andnot too high level of quality are about 30,000 p., while the guitar with metal parts, characterized by good functionality, sold an average of 90,000 p.

Touch Guitar is ideal for suchgenres like noise, industrial and electro, but if the depth of sound is important, as in blues, this tool should not be used. Unfortunately, the music created with the touch guitars often sound too "robotized".

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