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Pros and cons of the firm Zanussi refrigerators

Pros and cons of refrigerators Zanussi firms

Most models of the Italian company Zanussi Fridge line belong to the middle price range and still have one of the best price / performance ratio.

This brand is known to Russian consumers since 1997.

During this time he established himself with thethe positive side as a producer, taking care not only about the functionality and reliability, but also provides high quality after-sales service of its appliances.

Features of refrigerators Zanussi

By implementing the most advanced and innovative ideas atcreating their household refrigerators, the company takes into account the different requirements that apply to them consumers. Someone quite small in terms of the refrigerator with a minimal set of features to be installed at their summer cottage, someone needs a roomy four-door refrigerator, providing the optimal storage conditions for a variety of products. Freezers in these refrigerators can also be bulky and positioned below, which is convenient for those who store a lot of products in frozen form. For those who prefer to eat them fresh, there are refrigerators, which is located on top of the compact freezer.
Inside the chamber for coolingproducts, there are separate boxes for fruits and vegetables with features that allow for a long time to maintain their freshness, shelves for wine bottles and storage of eggs, compartment for butter and cheese, ice cube trays, and water dispenser EasyWater. Many models are equipped with No Frost system, so manually defrost them there is no need.

All brands of refrigerators is possible to outweigh the door to any convenient side.

Advantages and disadvantages of fridges zanussi

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, refrigerators Zanussiquite satisfied with the Russian consumers. They note their great capacity and low power consumption - A and A +, which makes them one of the most economical. The company pays great attention to the environmental safety of its equipment, so the only eco-friendly materials are used for the manufacture of refrigerators - glass and high-quality, hygienic and durable plastic.

Among Fridge Zanussi built-in models are available to significantly save space in the refrigerator, and enter into the interior of any kitchen.

Zanussi Fridge distinguished and lownoise - up to 34 dB. Most models are available for dynamic cooling function, which allows to maintain in the refrigerator compartment forced air circulation. This products retain their freshness, and the camera's internal specific "stale" odor appears.
noises can be attributed to a shortage,appearing at the moment of connectivity features No Frost, but it is not inherent in all models. Furthermore, in some refrigerators for temperature control in the refrigerator and the freezer is provided a common control lever and only change the temperature condition in the freezer or refrigerator compartment just not feasible. Please consider this when buying.

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