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PLUSES and minuses of Zanussi refrigerators


Pros and cons of Zanussi refrigerators</a>

Most models of the line of refrigerators of the Italian company Zanussi refer to the average price range and at the same time have one of the most optimal price / quality ratios.

This brand is known to the Russian consumer since 1997.

During this time, he proved himself with theThe positive side as a manufacturer, taking care not only of functionality and reliability, but also providing high-quality warranty and post-warranty service of its home appliances.

Features of Zanussi refrigerators

Implementing the most innovative and innovative ideasCreating their own household refrigerators, the company takes into account and the different requirements that consumers impose on them. Someone with a small enough refrigerator with a minimum set of functions for installation in the suburban area, someone needs a roomy four-door refrigerator that provides optimal storage conditions for a variety of products. The freezing chambers in these refrigerators can also be volumetric and located from the bottom, which is convenient for those who store many products in a frozen form. For those who prefer to eat them fresh, there are refrigerators, where a compact freezer is located on top.
Inside the chamber for coolingProducts, there are separate boxes for vegetables and fruits with functions that allow them to remain fresh for a long time, wine bottle and egg storage shelves, an oil and cheese compartment, ice trays, and an EasyWater water dispenser. Many models are equipped with a No Frost system, so there is no need to manually defrost them.

All brands of these refrigerators have the opportunity to outweigh the doors on any convenient side.

Advantages and disadvantages of refrigerators zanussi

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, Zanussi refrigeratorsQuite satisfied with Russian consumers. They note their large capacity and low power consumption - A and A +, which makes them one of the most economical. The company pays much attention to the environmental safety of its equipment, therefore for the manufacture of refrigerators only environmentally friendly materials are used - glass and high-quality hygienic and durable plastic.

Among the refrigerators Zanussi built-in models are built, allowing you to significantly save space on and fit the refrigerator into the interior of any kitchen.

Refrigerators Zanussi features and low levelNoise ratio up to 34 dB. In most models, the function of dynamic cooling is provided, which makes it possible to maintain compulsory air circulation in the refrigerator compartment. Thanks to this, the products keep their freshness, and a specific "stagnant" smell does not appear inside the chamber.
To the disadvantages can be attributed extraneous noise,No Frost, but not all models. In addition, in some refrigerators, a common control lever is provided for regulating the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer, and it is not possible to change the temperature regime only in the freezer or only in the refrigerator compartment. Pay attention to this when buying.

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