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Pros and cons of military service

Defenders of the Motherland

The army has always been considered a school of life for men. Service in the armed forces associated with endurance, courage and bravery.

At present, the degree of respect for the society to the army declined slightly due to the negative processes taking place within the walls of military barracks.

Young children, subject to appeal, and their parentsanxiously waiting for a summons from the recruiting office, - what kind of life awaits recruit away from home? As in any business, in military service can find pluses and minuses.

Pros military routine

Army - this is primarily a discipline, when the wholeday painted by the minute. The youth of today for the most part does not adhere to the daily routine. Not all young people "in the civilian world," can boast of the fact that every day, go to bed at the same time. Food in army canteens albeit without culinary delights, but healthy and nutritious. Sports - one of the main components of military service. In carrying out forced marches, engaged in the sports equipment and trainers, fighters become stronger physically.
And last but not least - the young man for the service yearmatures psychologically. The young man learns to think, analyze the situation and make the right conclusions. Military service is a good test for the warrior, his friends and his girlfriend to check the true friendship and strength of feeling. In addition, the army can get a true friends: a military brotherhood reliability even composed songs. During the service people, if you wish, acquire healthy habits, becoming more sociable and able to understand people.
Psychologists say that any situationperceived depending on the inner attitude. If a young man goes in the army with the confidence that a year of service simply removed from life, that he was waiting for some disappointment in the army.

Cons military service

Own opinion fighter nobody cares. Skill to execute orders of commanders, unconditionally and without discussing, given many young people uneasy. It is a protest at the new recruits the principle of collectivism, where everyone is responsible for one offense.
Unnecessary work - a common thing for the Army. Commanders to take the men sometimes come up to them meaningless jobs. Sometimes officers used soldiers as a free labor force in private farms.
Most recruits and their parents scareshazing in the army. Unfortunately, hazing in the Russian army there. Although the current hazing has become less threatening. This is due to the reduction of life and control of the various public organizations.
Youth of premilitary age should be remembered that to prepare themselves to serve in the army psychologically need no less than physically. Then the minuses in military life will be considerably less than the pros.

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