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PLUSES and cons of service in the army


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The army has always been considered a school of life for men. Service in the ranks of the armed forces was associated with perseverance, courage and courage.

At present, the degree of respect for society to the army has decreased somewhat due to the negative processes taking place within the walls of military barracks.

Young children subject to conscription, and their parentsAnxiously await the summons from the military registration and enlistment office, - what kind of life is prepared for a recruit away from home? As in any case, in military service one can find its pros and cons.

Pros of the army everyday life

The army is, above all, discipline, when allThe day is painted by the minute. Modern youth for the most part do not follow the daily routine. Not all young people "in a civilian" can boast of the fact that every day they go to bed at the same time. Food in the army canteens, let it be without culinary delights, but healthy and nutritious. Sport is one of the main components of military service. Performing a march-throw, engaged in sports equipment and simulators, fighters become stronger physically.
And more importantly - a young man for a year of serviceGrows up psychologically. The young man learns to think, analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions. Service in the army is a good test for a warrior, his friends and a beloved girl to test the true friendship and strength of feelings. In addition, in the army you can acquire true friends: the reliability of the military brotherhood is even composed of songs. During the service, a person, if desired, acquires useful habits, becomes more communicative and knows how to understand people.
Psychologists say that any situationIs perceived depending on the internal mood. If a young man goes into the army with the confidence that the year of service will simply be crossed out of life, then he will be disappointed in the army.

The minuses of service in the army

The soldier's own opinion is of no interest to anyone. The skill to carry out orders of commanders unconditionally and without discussing, is given to many young people is not easy. The principle of collectivism provokes protest among the recruits, when everyone is responsible for the misconduct of one.
Unnecessary work is common for the army. Commanders, in order to occupy the soldiers, sometimes come up with meaningless tasks for them. Sometimes officers use soldiers as a free labor in their personal subsidiary plots.
Most recruits and their parents are scaredHazing in the army. Unfortunately, hazing in the Russian army is present. Although hazing has now become less threatening. This is due to the reduction of the service life and control by various public organizations.
The pre-conscripts should remember that it is psychologically as important to prepare themselves for military service as physically. Then the minuses in the army life will be much less than the pluses.

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