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Bank credit programs firsthandknown to many Russians - someone took credit for the purchase of cars, apartments, someone took a consumer credit to purchase household appliances. Sometimes you enough for credit passport and a pair of tens of minutes.

The ease of obtaining credit can be a real trap for people who take the money received in the bank both own and do not realize that we have to pay to use them.

Banks constantly simplify the conditions and procedureprocessing the loan. You can get several of them at once and arrange in different or in the same bank. You can give the amount in cash, and can be transferred to the card in the currency or in rubles. You can choose the amount of interest that must be paid on the loan. In all banks the same principle of accrual - the longer the maturity of the loan and the greater the amount, the pay percent increase.

The percentage is small when obtaining a loan for an apartment(Even up to 10% per annum). This long-term lending to the borrower profitable, ie you even because growing in value real estate. In this case, a net dependence on construction companies and realtors, who shows us life, there are not always conscientious. In addition, more than one borrower may not get the entire term of the loan guarantee for a stable income.

A popular procedure is to acquirea car on credit. Make it quick and get 5-6% per annum, as many automakers are cooperating with certain banks. It can be attributed to the disadvantages of such a loan that lending are subject to new, expensive cars, which will have to register in one of the insurance company (which cooperates with the bank) and even insurance. And it will not be cheap.

Consumer credit is beneficial to take on a purchaseconsumer electronics, furniture, wardrobe update, repair the house. The average rate in this case will be higher - 15-20%. The advantage of this loan will be able to save money is not, and buy everything you need at once, because the inflation rate, with interest on the loan can be comparable. To pay less, you can repay this loan early, you only need to try.

Try "living loan" are no strangers, nospontaneous use credits, which are much higher interest rates and almost always there is no possibility of early repayment. Think, is it really you need to buy a fur coat on sale, or go to any cruise, because their hard-earned money will pay for minute whim.

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