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Pros and cons of 2109

Car 2109

In 1987, Volga Automobile Plantmotorists pleased with the new model, called the WHA 2109. This iconic car is considered by many drivers, the best cars of those who have ever been made by AvtoVAZ.

Although its disadvantages "Nine" also existed.

Model 2109 has had several modifications. The very first "nine" was equipped with a carbureted engine capacity of 1.3 liters. Further modifications were produced more common - a VAZ 21093 and VAZ 21093i. These models have been equipped with a more powerful engine, a 1.5 liter. A WHA 21093i was even a fuel-injected engine.

In 1991-1993, 2109 was the so-called long front fenders.

"Nine" Pros

In the opinion of many owners of 2109 was consideredlarge that strange, because the length of 4 meters, width 1.6 meters, height of 1.4 meters and weighs 945 kg. But there were not referring to the size cars, and its wide doors through which was very convenient to get into the cabin. All the doors of the car were really impressive size. And in the trunk can be laid different loads, which would not fit in the trunk of the usual "Lada".
Front and rear suspension machines were verysuccessful. Many drivers complain about the quality of local roads, and 2109 was suitable for poor quality roads. Because of these suspensions, the driver and passengers "Nine" felt less jolts and bumps.

2109 equipped with independent front suspension and semi-independent rear was with crossbeam.

The ease of the car, of course, affect thespeed. And fans of fast driving rapidly dissected on "nine". It is clear that, to date, this model can not compete with modern cars, but at that time it was considered quite fast and dynamic.

Cons 2109

Model 2109 output from the beginning of the assembly line in1987 vosmiklapannym equipped with an engine that was normal in those days. But the "nine" of the 21st century were also vosmiklapannymi, though it has many of the cars were equipped shestnadtsatiklapannym engine. Shestnadtsatiklapanny engine exceeds vosmiklapanny at maximum power, maximum speed and maximum torque. Thus, the "Nine" began to fall behind in the literal sense.
It is also worth noting that according to the results of crash tests in 2002, 2109 scored 2.6 points out of 16 for the frontal impact and 0 of 4 per security. With that said vehicle insecurity in the event of an accident.
Despite the disadvantages, the car was extremelypopular. However, in 2004 its production at AvtoVAZ ended. And the "nine" started to produce in Kiev (Ukraine) already AvtoZAZ. And in 2011 it became 2109 full story. Its production ceased that disappointed many fans of the model.

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