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How to correctly use English time prepositions


How to correctly use English time prepositions</a>

Prepositions in English have always been and,Obviously, they will remain a headache for native speakers of the Russian language for a long time: they not only in many respects do not correspond to the rules for the compatibility of our language, but it is also difficult to catch any logic in their use.

However, you can help yourself to study these small but very important elements of the language by organizing them into separate functional-thematic groups, one of which is a group of prepositions of the time.

1. AT
It is used with an indication of the exact time during the day:
- at 5-
- at half past four-
- at 7.20-
- at midday-
- at midnight-

and even
At the moment.

2. IN
Used to refer to parts of the day, seasons, years, centuries:
- in the morning-
- in the afternoon-
- in the evening.
- in summer-
- in 1983-
- in the 21st century.

3. ON
Used with days (days of the week and date):
- on Monday-
- on Saturday-
- on the 1st of May-
- on the 2nd of October.

Tip 1: It is worthwhile to remember the phrases at night (according to the rule there should be an in preposition), for a while (for a while, for a short time), for life (for life), at the weekend (for the weekend), for the weekend.

Tip 2: next, this and last abolish prepositions, i.e. Next morning, this Friday, last winter.

Happy learning!

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