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How to transfer money correctly


Buying and selling real estate is a complex process inThe life of the person who first encountered this. Before you conclude a basic contract of sale and register a transaction, you may encounter such problems as the preparation of documents, the collection of certificates, registration of ownership.

Time and money are needed for these cases.

We must be sure that the seller or the buyer will not refuse further from the forthcoming transaction. "Security" for such a case is a deposit.

Send the amount "just like that" will only beNaive buyer. For such cases, a deposit agreement is drawn up. The deposit serves as security for obligations. For the seller it is the duty to sell for a particular value to a particular person before a specific date. And for the buyer - the duty to buy for a particular cost from a particular person to a specific date. That is, you pre-agree on an upcoming transaction.

Providing a deposit is a sum of money. Which exactly? The parties must agree on this with each other. As a rule, the larger the amount, the more confidence in the forthcoming transaction.

If the potential buyer, that is,Assignor, does not fulfill obligations under the contract, the deposit remains with the potential seller, that is, the recipient. In the event that the recipient of the request does not fulfill the obligations under the contract, he will be obliged to return the deposit in a double amount to the creditor. In other cases, the deposit is simply returned to the former in a single amount.

Agreement on the deposit can be made from anyRealtor in any real estate agency. Remember, the agreement should not have seals, but only the signatures of the parties, which are obligated in the future to make a transaction of purchase and sale.

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