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How to transfer the deposit correctly


Purchase and sale of real estate - in the complex processhuman life, for the first time confronted with this. Before you conclude the main contract of sale and register the transaction, you may encounter problems such as design documents, certificates collection, registration of property rights.

For these cases need both time and money.

We must be sure that the seller or the buyer does not give up in the future of the forthcoming transaction. "Safety net" for such a case is the deposit.

Transfer the amount of "just" will onlynaive buyer. In such cases, an agreement is made on the advance. The deposit serves as a collateral obligation. For the seller - it is the obligation to sell for a specific value of a specific person to a specific date. And for the buyer - the obligation to buy for a particular value of a particular person to a specific date. So you pre-agree on the pending deal.

The collateral deposit is a sum of money. Which exactly? This party must agree between themselves. As a rule, the larger the amount, the greater the confidence in the upcoming transaction.

If a potential buyer, that is,zadatkodatel, does not fulfill the obligations under the contract, the deposit is fully retained by the potential seller, ie, zadatkopoluchatelya. In the event that zadatkopoluchatel does not fulfill the obligations under the contract, he will be obliged to return the deposit twice the amount zadatkodatelyu. In other cases, the deposit is returned only once, which gave it to the size.

Agreement on the deposit can be formed from anyrealtor in any real estate agency. Remember, in the agreement should not be seals and signatures of the parties only, commits further to make the purchase and sale transaction.

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