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How to harden the child

Children, when they begin to attend kindergarten, and often continuously suffer from colds.

According to pediatricians, child of preschool age, endured SARS 1 once a month - the norm.

But in fact it happens more often.

To "cold" as little as possible the baby was overcome, it must be tempered.

But to carry out all procedures should be gradual and not interrupted even for a day.

Otherwise, the desired result will not be obtained.



Do not Kuta baby. Wear it on the weather. If the mother is not cold, kid, too. Freezing a child or not, can be checked by touching his nose. If it's warm, it's okay.


Ventilate the room. Even in winter it is necessary to do so. First five minutes to open the window, then gradually increase the time. In summer, you need to keep the window open.


Walk. Even if the street frosty weather, it does not mean you have to sit at home. Walking allowed to -15 C.


Wash your baby with cool water. But not at once. First, the water temperature should be such a baby is usually washed before tempering. Gradually it should be reduced.


Allow the child to walk barefoot. In winter, the apartment in the summer on the sand or grass. In addition to the quenching effect, the baby will get a great acupressure stop.

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